Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/py-asn1-modules
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2019-10-10 09:47:53
Message id:

Log Message:
py-asn1-modules: updated to 0.2.7

Revision 0.2.7:
- Added maps for use with openType to RFC 3565
- Added RFC2985 providing PKCS#9 Attributes
- Added RFC3770 providing Certificate Extensions and Attributes for
  Authentication in PPP and Wireless LAN Networks
- Added RFC5914 providing Trust Anchor Format
- Added RFC6010 providing CMS Content Constraints (CCC) Extension
- Added RFC6031 providing CMS Symmetric Key Package Content Type
- Added RFC6032 providing CMS Encrypted Key Package Content Type
- Added RFC7030 providing Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST)
- Added RFC7292 providing PKCS #12, which is the Personal Information
  Exchange Syntax v1.1
- Added RFC8018 providing PKCS #5, which is the Password-Based
  Cryptography Specification, Version 2.1
- Automatically update the maps for use with openType for RFC3709,
  RFC6402, RFC7191, and RFC8226 when the module is imported
- Added RFC6211 providing CMS Algorithm Identifier Protection Attribute
- Added RFC8449 providing Certificate Extension for Hash Of Root Key
- Updated RFC2459 and RFC5280 for TODO in the certificate extension map
- Added RFC7906 providing NSA's CMS Key Management Attributes
- Added RFC7894 providing EST Alternative Challenge Password Attributes
- Updated the handling of maps for use with openType so that just doing
  an import of the modules is enough in most situations; updates to
  RFC 2634, RFC 3274, RFC 3779, RFC 4073, RFC 4108, RFC 5035, RFC 5083,
  RFC 5084, RFC 5480, RFC 5940, RFC 5958, RFC 6019, and RFC 8520
- Updated the handling of attribute maps for use with openType in
  RFC 5958 to use the rfc5652.cmsAttributesMap
- Added RFC5990 providing RSA-KEM Key Transport Algorithm in the CMS
- Fixed malformed `rfc4210.RevRepContent` data structure layout
- Added RFC5934 providing Trust Anchor Management Protocol (TAMP)
- Added RFC6210 providing Experiment for Hash Functions with Parameters
- Added RFC5751 providing S/MIME Version 3.2 Message Specification
- Added RFC8494 providing Multicast Email (MULE) over ACP 142
- Added RFC8398 providing Internationalized Email Addresses in
  X.509 Certificates
- Added RFC8419 providing Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
  (EdDSA) Signatures in the CMS
- Added RFC8479 providing Storing Validation Parameters in PKCS#8
- Added RFC8360 providing Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)
  Validation Reconsidered
- Added RFC8358 providing Digital Signatures on Internet-Draft Documents
- Added RFC8209 providing BGPsec Router PKI Profile
- Added RFC8017 providing PKCS #1 Version 2.2
- Added RFC7914 providing scrypt Password-Based Key Derivation Function
- Added RFC7773 providing Authentication Context Certificate Extension