Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/benchmarks/dnsperf
From: Maya Rashish
Date: 2019-10-16 12:05:28
Message id:

Log Message:
dnsperf: update to 2.3.2. Changed upstream to DNS-OARC.

2019-08-23 Jerry Lundström

    Release 2.3.2

    This release fixes a buffer overflow when using TSIG and algorithms
    with digests larger then SHA256, reported by Mukund Sivaraman. Also
    fix build dependencies for `sqrt()`.

    e54aa58 Digest
    bca5d8d sqrt
    d9eaa5b Package

2019-07-24 Jerry Lundström

    Release 2.3.1

    After a report and additional confirming results the use of `poll()` in
    the network receive code for TCP and TLS has been removed. This `poll()`
    initially gave better results while testing in a docker container on
    it's loopback interface but when on physical networks it reduced
    performance to 1/12th, so it had to go.

    Thanks to Brian Wellington (Akamai/Nominum) for the initial report and
    testing, and to Jan Hák (CZ.NIC) for testing and confirming the results.

    - Fix check for having more DNS messages in the receive buffer for TCP
      and TLS

    670db9c TCP/TLS receive
    b8925b2 recvbuf have more

2019-07-17 Jerry Lundström

    Release 2.3.0

    This release adds support for DNS over TCP and TLS which can be selected
    by using the mode option for `dnsperf` and `resperf`. The default server
    port used is now determined by the transport mode, udp/tcp port 53 and
    tls port 853.

    Note that the mode option is different between the program because it was
    already taken for `resperf`.

    `dnsperf` changes:
    - Add `-m` for setting transport mode, `udp` (default), `tcp` or `tls`
    - Add verbose messages about network readiness and congestion

    `resperf` changes:
    - Add `-M` for setting transport mode, `udp` (default), `tcp` or `tls`
    - Add `-v` for verbose mode to report about network readiness and

    ffa49cf LGTM, SonarCloud
    4cd5441 TLS
    35624d1 TCP send, socket ready loop
    fbf76aa TCP support
    5988b06 Funding

2019-01-28 Jerry Lundström

    Release 2.2.1

    The commit pulled from a fork that used `inttypes.h`, instead of ISC
    internal types, missed to remove the old conversion specifier.
    This was reported and fixed by Vladimír Čunát.

    9534ce1 remove visible "u" characters after numbers

2019-01-25 Jerry Lundström

    Release 2.2.0

    First release by DNS-OARC with a rework of the code to use autotools,
    semantic versioning 2.0 and bugfixes pulled from other's forks.

    - Fix infinite loop in argument parsing
    - Fix min/max latency summing for multithreaded runs
    - Fix calculation of per_thread socket counts
    - Fixes to queryparse
      - Mark correctly end of file
      - Support python3
      - Stop looping on end of file undefinitely
    - Fix compilation issues and work around missing `dns_fixedname_initname()`
    - Clang `scan-build` fixes

    Other changes:
    - add "configure --with-bind" option
    - Handle bind library changes to HMAC (see #22) and other differences
      between versions
    - Workaround issue on FreeBSD (see #23)
    - Use `snprintf()` and OpenBSD's `strlcat()`
    - Add/update build dependencies for Debia, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD
      and OpenBSD

    ae9bc91 Clang format
    b9bb085 CI, buildbot
    b84e41b Autotools, README, changelog
    a2e1732 License
    9dcb661 Remove $Id markers, Principal Author and Reviewed tags from the
            full source tree
    0677bf0 Use dns_fixedname_initname() where possible
    d8d4696 [master] add "configure --with-bind" option to dnsperf
    b71a280 Add deb based distros dependencies
    439c614 Replace custom isc_boolean_t with C standard bool type
    407ae7c Replace custom isc_u?intNN_t types with C99 u?intNN_t types
    c27afd4 Replace ISC_PRINT_QUADFORMAT with inttypes.h format constants
    6fdb2f7 Fix queryparse
    4909b78 README
    2782d50 Rectify link to software
    e31ddf4 fix calculation of per_thread socket counts
    3bd7fb4 Fix min/max latency summing for multithreaded runs
    2207e27 Fix infinite loop in argument parsing.
    3bfe97a Include the github URL; remove the bug reports section.
    0cee04a Add note about bug reports.
    62c4b32 add .gitignore
    c45f0be Initial import.
    149172b Initial commit