Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/archivers/ruby-minitar
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2019-10-22 09:29:24
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Log Message:
archivers/ruby-minitar: update to 0.9

Update archivers/ruby-minitar to 0.9.

## 0.9 / 2019-09-04

*   jtappa added the ability to skip fsync with a new option to Minitar.unpack
    and Minitar::Input#extract_entry. Provide `:fsync => false` as the last
    parameter to enable. Merged from a modified version of PR [#37][].

## 0.8 / 2019-01-05

*   inkstak resolved an issue introduced in the fix for [#31][] by allowing
    spaces to be considered valid characters in strict octal handling. Octal
    conversion ignores leading spaces. Merged from a slightly modified version
    of PR [#35][].

*   dearblue contributed PR [#32][] providing an explicit call to #bytesize for
    strings that include multibyte characters. The PR has been modified to be
    compatible with older versions of Ruby and extend tests.

*   Akinori MUSHA (knu) contributed PR [#36][] that treats certain badly
    encoded regular files (with names ending in `/`) as if they were
    directories on decode.

## 0.7 / 2018-02-19

*   Fixed issue [#28][] with a modified version of PR [#29][] covering the
    security policy and position for Minitar. Thanks so much to ooooooo\_q for
    the report and an initial patch. Additional information was added as

*   dearblue contributed PR [#33][] providing a fix for Minitar::Reader when
    the IO-like object does not have a `#pos` method.

*   Kevin McDermott contributed PR [#34][] so that an InvalidTarStream is
    raised if the tar header is not valid, preventing incorrect streaming of
    files from a non-tarfile. This is a minor breaking change, so the version
    has been bumped accordingly.

*   Kazuyoshi Kato contributed PR [#26][] providing support for the GNU tar
    long filename extension.

*   Addressed a potential DOS with negative size fields in tar headers
    ([#31][]). This has been handled in two ways: the size field in a tar
    header is interpreted as a strict octal value and the Minitar reader will
    raise an InvalidTarStream if the size ends up being negative anyway.