Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print/qpdfview
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2019-11-08 14:38:48
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Log Message:
qpdfview: Update to 0.4.18

Fixed rendering with latest pkgsrc poppler.

Release 0.4.18:
  * Fixed various issue w.r.t. statically linked plug-ins and cross builds for \ 
Windows. Thanks to Marshall Banana.
  * Fixed encoding issues w.r.t. CUPS names. Thanks to Silvan Scherrer.
  * Fixed not overwriting page ranges CUPS option when set already by Qt's print \ 
dialog. Thanks to Fabio Rossi.
  * Fixed refreshing modified documents from disk.
  * Added support for nested splitting of document views.
  * Added support for transparent decompression of document files.
  * Added restoring of tab order and of current tab.
  * Added action to open current file in new window. Thanks to Pavel Sanda.
  * Updated support for MuPDF to version 1.12 and later. Thanks to S. Razi \ 
  * Added support for EPUB, XPS, CBZ and FB2 via MuPDF. Thanks to S. Razi Alavizadeh.
  * Automated translations import from Launchpad via Travis CI. Thanks to S. \ 
Razi Alavizadeh.
  * Imported various new and updated translations from Launchpad. Thanks to all \ 
Launchpad translators!

Release 0.4.17:
  * Fixed query to populate the instance list for the choose instance dialog.
  * Fixed selecting the complete text upon opening a page number dialog.
  * Fixed computation of tile sub rect w.r.t. non-unit device pixel ratios.
  * Moved loading of interactive elements out of the main event loop.
  * Optimize tile rendering event handling by centralizing dispatch.
  * The results of the current tab are now automatically expanded in the \ 
extended search dock.
  * Added support for external document links to the outline view.
  * Added optional page-parallel execution of text search.
  * Added triggering SyncTeX reverse search using a keyboard modifier.
  * Keyboard modifiers for mouse interaction can be disabled.
  * Optimizations of the search dock layout w.r.t. vertical/horizontal positioning.
  * Added context menu action to move document to a different instance.
  * Changed cache size tracking from byte to kilobyte granularity to support \ 
more than 2 GB cache.
  * Added a save in addition to the save-as action to simplify modifying \ 
documents in-place.
  * Added Japanese translations. Thanks to Koji Yokota.
  * Updated British English translations. Thanks to Anthony Harrington.
  * Updated Russian translations. Thanks to ned.
  * Updated French translations. Thanks to Charles Monzat.
  * Updated Lithunian translations. Thanks Moo.