Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2019-11-14 10:56:56
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Log Message:
perl5: updated to 5.30.1

what is new for perl v5.30.1

Incompatible Changes
       There are no changes intentionally incompatible with 5.30.1.  If any
       exist, they are bugs, and we request that you submit a report.  See
       "Reporting Bugs" below.

Modules and Pragmata
   Updated Modules and Pragmata
       o   Module::CoreList has been upgraded from version 5.20190522 to

   Changes to Existing Documentation
       We have attempted to update the documentation to reflect the changes
       listed in this document.  If you find any we have missed, send email to <>.

       Additionally, documentation has been updated to reference GitHub as the
       new canonical repository and to describe the new GitHub pull request

Configuration and Compilation
       o   The "ECHO" macro is now defined.  This is used in a \ 
"dtrace" rule
           that was originally changed for FreeBSD, and the FreeBSD make
           apparently predefines it.  The Solaris make does not predefine
           "ECHO" which broke this rule on Solaris.

       Tests were added and changed to reflect the other additions and changes
       in this release.

Platform Support
   Platform-Specific Notes
           The locale tests could crash on Win32 due to a Windows bug, and
           separately due to the CRT throwing an exception if the locale name
           wasn't validly encoded in the current code page.

           For the second we now decode the locale name ourselves, and always
           decode it as UTF-8.

Selected Bug Fixes
       o   Setting $) now properly sets supplementary group ids, if you have
           the necessary privileges.

       o   "readline @foo" now evaluates @foo in scalar context.  \ 
           it would be evaluated in list context, and since readline() pops
           only one argument from the stack, the stack could underflow, or be
           left with unexpected values on it.

       o   sv_gets() now recovers better if the target SV is modified by a
           signal handler.

       o   Matching a non-"SVf_UTF8" string against a regular expression
           containing Unicode literals could leak an SV on each match attempt.

       o   "sprintf("%.*a", -10000, $x)" would cause a \ 
buffer overflow due to
           mishandling of the negative precision value.

       o   "scalar()" on a reference could cause an erroneous assertion
           failure during compilation.