Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/time/remind
From: Kimmo Suominen
Date: 2020-01-07 11:09:39
Message id:

Log Message:
Update time/remind to 3.2.0

Notable changes:

* Version 3.2 Patch 0 - 2020-01-03

- IMPROVEMENT: Add support for events spanning multiple days (with AT
  and DURATION).  Add trigeventstart() and trigeventduration()
  introspection functions; see "MULTI-DAY EVENTS" in the man page.

- IMPROVEMENT: Add introspection functions trigback(), trigdelta(),
  trigduration(), trigfrom(), trigpriority(), trigrep(),
  trigscanfrom(), trigtimedelta(), trigtimerep(), and triguntil().  See
  man page for details; thanks to Tim Chase for the suggestion.

- CHANGE: Modify addition so that previously-illegal combinations
  TIME + TIME, TIME + DATETIME and DATETIME + TIME are now allowed.
  Also allow DATETIME - TIME.  If t1 and t2 are expressions of type TIME
  and dt is an expression of type DATETIME, then the following are now
  equivalent (before, the expressions on the left-hand side would fail
  with a "Type mismatch" error.)

  t1 + t2     ==     t1                + coerce("INT", t2)
  dt + t2     ==     dt                + coerce("INT", t2)
  t1 + dt     ==     coerce("INT", t1) + dt
  dt - t2     ==     dt                - coerce("INT", t2)

- BUG FIX: Specifying a DURATION without an AT clause results in an error.
  Before, it would be accepted but not do anything useful.

- BUG FIX: TkRemind: Fix startup failure of TkRemind if options are at
  default. :(

* Version 3.1 Patch 17 - 2019-11-15

- SYNTACTIC SUGAR: Make "SCANFROM -n" the same as "SCANFROM \ 
[today() - n]"

- BUG FIX: Fix failure when specifying a Jahrzeit in Adar.  Fix
  courtesy of Dov Feldstern

* Version 3.1 Patch 16 - 2018-11-09

- IMPROVEMENT: Add patch from Stephen Morgan to calculate astronomical and
  nautical twilight in addition to civil twilight.

- IMPROVEMENT: Remind accepts DATETIME constants in ISO-8601 format and can
  optionally be configured to output them that way too.