Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/py-sanic
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2020-01-08 22:03:21
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Log Message:
py-sanic: updated to 19.12.2

Version 19.12.0


Fix blueprint middleware application

Currently, any blueprint middleware registered, irrespective of which blueprint \ 
was used to do so, was being applied to all of the routes created by the @app \ 
and @blueprint alike.

As part of this change, the blueprint based middleware application is enforced \ 
based on where they are registered.

If you register a middleware via @blueprint.middleware then it will apply only \ 
to the routes defined by the blueprint.
If you register a middleware via @blueprint_group.middleware then it will apply \ 
to all blueprint based routes that are part of the group.
If you define a middleware via @app.middleware then it will be applied on all \ 
available routes
Fix url_for behavior with missing SERVER_NAME

If the SERVER_NAME was missing in the app.config entity, the url_for on the \ 
request and app were failing due to an AttributeError. This fix makes the \ 
availability of SERVER_NAME on our app.config an optional behavior.

Improved Documentation

Move docs from RST to MD

Moved all docs from markdown to restructured text like the rest of the docs to \ 
unify the scheme and make it easier in the future to update documentation.

Fix documentation for get and getlist of the request.args

Add additional example for showing the usage of getlist and fix the \ 
documentation string for request.args behavior

Version 19.6.3

Enable Towncrier Support
As part of this feature, towncrier is being introduced as a mechanism to \ 
partially automate the process of generating and managing change logs as part of \ 
each of pull requests.

Improved Documentation
Documentation infrastructure changes
Enable having a single common CHANGELOG file for both GitHub page and documentation
Fix Sphinix deprecation warnings
Fix documentation warnings due to invalid rst indentation
Enable common contribution guidelines file across GitHub and documentation via \ 

Version 19.6.2

* Remove aiohttp dependencey and create new SanicTestClient based upon requests-async
* Added ASGI support (Beta)
* Add Configure support from object string

* Add missing handle for Expect header.
* Allow to disable Transfer-Encoding: chunked.
* Fix graceful shutdown.
* Strict Slashes behavior fix

Deprecations and Removals
* Drop dependency on distutil
* Drop support for Python 3.5
* Deprecate route removal.

Sanic will not support Python 3.5 from version 19.6 and forward. However, \ 
version 18.12LTS will have its support period extended thru December 2020, and \ 
therefore passing Python's official support version 3.5, which is set to expire \ 
in September 2020.