Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/games/eboard
From: Hauke Fath
Date: 2020-01-14 09:48:44
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Log Message:
Upgrade games/eboard to v1.1.1, the last pre-github release.

Note that this release, while declaring compatibility with gnuchess
v4, does not work correctly with the current v6.x.

From upstream's changelog:

eboard ChangeLog

[fics]    - applies to fics
[craf]    - applies to crafty
[gnuc]    - applies to gnu chess
[sjen]    - applies to sjeng
[ics]     - applies to all networked servers
[eng]     - applies to all engines
[all]     - applies to all

  * [all]  Text search (Ctrl-F) no longer requires a modal dialog box,
           the search text is typed in the input box (similar to the Firefox
           search behavior).

  * [ics]  Added ICS filtering options for Non-ASCII characters.

  * [all]  Fixed some "invalid UTF-8 string" warnings related to the \ 
text console.

  * [ics]  added an option to show timestamps for each text line

  * [ics]  eboard no longer sets the seek variable when logging in to an

  * [all]  Fixed promotion bug in P2P mode (capture promotions such as
           exf8=Q did not work due to bad notation parsing).
           Closes SF ticket #1832106.

  * [ics]  Seek graph positioning now avoids text and marker overlaps.

  * [all]  Fixed compilation issue with GCC 4.1

  * [ics]  The seek graph do not become red after updates (FICS sometimes
           sends bogus updates that are annoying to check).

  * [ics]  added seek graph, removed seek table

  * [ics]  eboard now displays clocks and move times with milisecond
           precision, on servers that support ivar ms

  * [all]  slightly faster console (less frivolous buffer formattings)

  * [all]  minor simplification of eboard-config script, patch from
           Han Boetes