Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/imlib2
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2020-02-20 16:14:57
Message id:

Log Message:
imlib2: Update to 1.6.1

*** Version 1.6.1 ***

Kim Woelders (11):
      gz loader: Use FILE, not fd
      gz, bz2 loaders: Fix recent breakage when file name has more than two dots
      Quit on 'q' or 'esc' key press in all imlib2_... test utilities
      Rename imlib2_test_load to imlib2_load
      imlib2_load: Optionally write to stderr instead of stdout
      imlib2_view: Add progress debug options
      Enable specifying loader/filter paths with environment variables
      BMP loader: Remove some bogus conditions
      XPM loader: Minor optimization for cpp > 2
      LBM loader: Fix header-only loading

Luiz Carlos Ramos (1):
      BMP loader: Fix size calculation when saving files

*** Version 1.6.0 ***

Alexander Volkov (1):
      Allow to use custom memory management functions for loaded images

Kim Woelders (64):
      Add __imlib_LoadImageWrapper() handling all load() calls
      imlib2_conv: Report error on save failure
      Autofoo cosmetics
      Trivial cleanups in imlib2_... test programs
      Add imlib2_test_load program
      Cleanups in load() functions
      Centralize handling of im->format
      Sort loaders in
      Remove obsolete dmalloc stuff
      Move SWAP.. macro definitions to common.h
      Use common PIXEL_ARGB() macro to compose pixels
      Add new ICO loader
      Spec file simlifications and cleanups
      Fix memory leak in imlib_list_fonts()
      XPM loader: Refactor exit cleanup handling
      XPM loader: Fix potentially uninitialized pixel data
      XPM loader: Fixup after "Refactor exit cleanup handling"
      Revert "XPM loader: Fix potentially uninitialized pixel data"
      XPM loader: Cosmetics (reduce indent level)
      XPM loader: Fix several colormap issues
      XPM loader: Simplify pixel value handling
      XPM loader: Add missing pixels (malformed xpm)
      XPM loader: More simplifications
      JPG loader: Refactor
      JPG loader: Do proper CMYK conversion
      Add new WebP loader
      Remove pointless im->data checks in loaders
      WepP loader: Fix memory leak in error path
      JPG loader: Fix memory leaks in error paths
      Fix ABI break
      ICO loader: Add binary flag to fopen()
      JPG loader: Refactor error handling
      Rename/add byte swap macros
      BMP loader: Major makeover - numerous bug fixes and feature enhancements
      Miscellaneous imlib_test_load tweaks
      GZIP loader: Check filename before uncompress
      imlib2_test_load: Fixup after recent change
      Re-indent everything using indent-2.2.12
      TGA loader: Refactor
      Eliminate WRITE_RGBA()
      Simplify pixel color handling in api.c
      Use pixel instead of r,b,g,a in __imlib_render_str()
      Use macro for pixel color access in savers
      Eliminate READ_RGBA()
      XPM loader: Accept signature not at the very start of the file
      Simplify loader lookup functions
      imlib2_view: Enable selecting next/prev using keys too
      imlib2_view: Fix event processing bug
      imlib2_test_load: Fixup recent breakage for real
      imlib2_test_load: Check progress conditionally
      imlib2_view: Add verbose option, quit on Escape too
      TGA loader - Mostly cosmetic refactoring
      TGA loader: More mostly cosmetic changes
      TGA loader: Support horiontal flip
      TGA loader: Add simple 16 bpp handling
      TGA loader: Tweak error handling
      ICO loader: Fix non-immediate loading
      Remove __imlib_AllocateData() w,h args
      imlib2_view: Fix next/prev selection if last/first image is bad
      ICO loader: Fix memory leak in error path
      XPM loader: Correct signature check (avoid accessing unset data)
      gz, bz2 loaders: Simplify, eliminate unnecessary strdups, cosmetics