Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-click
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2020-03-10 09:25:36
Message id:

Log Message:
py-click: updated to 7.1.1

Version 7.1.1
- Fix ClickException output going to stdout instead of stderr.

Version 7.1
- Fix PyPI package name, "click" is lowercase again.
- Fix link in unicode_literals error message.
- Add support for colored output on UNIX Jupyter notebooks.
- Operations that strip ANSI controls will strip the cursor hide/show
- Remove unused compat shim for bytes.
- Expand testing around termui, especially getchar on Windows.
- Fix output on Windows Python 2.7 built with MSVC 14.
- Fix OSError when running in MSYS2.
- Fix OSError when redirecting to NUL stream on Windows.
- Fix memory leak when parsing Unicode arguments on Windows.
- Fix error in new AppEngine environments.
- Always return one of the passed choices for click.Choice
- Add no_args_is_help option to click.Command, defaults to
- Add show_defaults parameter to Context to enable showing
  defaults globally.
- Handle env MYPATH='' as though the option were not passed.
- It is once again possible to call next(bar) on an active
  progress bar instance.
- open_file with atomic=True retains permissions of existing
  files and respects the current umask for new files.
- When using the test CliRunner with mix_stderr=False, if
  result.stderr is empty it will not raise a ValueError.
- Remove the unused mix_stderr parameter from
- Fix TypeError raised when using bool flags and specifying
- Newlines in option help text are replaced with spaces before
  re-wrapping to avoid uneven line breaks.
- MissingParameter exceptions are printable in the Python
- Fix how default values for file-type options are shown during
- Fix environment variable automatic generation for commands
  containing -.
- Option help text replaces newlines with spaces when rewrapping, but
  preserves paragraph breaks, fixing multiline formatting.
- Option help text that is wrapped adds an extra newline at the end to
  distinguish it from the next option.
- Consider sensible-editor when determining the editor to use for
- Arguments to system calls such as the executable path passed to
  click.edit can contains spaces.
- Add ZSH completion autoloading and error handling.
- Add a repr to Command, Group, Option, and Argument,
  showing the name for friendlier debugging.
- Completion doesn't consider option names if a value starts with
  - after the -- separator.
- ZSH completion escapes special characters in values.
- Add completion support for Fish shell.
- Decoding bytes option values falls back to UTF-8 in more cases.
- Make the warning about old 2-arg parameter callbacks a deprecation
  warning, to be removed in 8.0. This has been a warning since Click