Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/retext
From: David H. Gutteridge
Date: 2020-04-06 02:08:07
Message id:

Log Message:
retext: update to 7.1.0

## ReText 7.1.0 (2020-04-04)

* General improvements:
    - New files are now opened in new tabs by default, not new windows
      (contributed by Daniele Scasciafratte in #476). This can be disabled
      using `openFilesInExistingWindow` configuration option.
    - Preferences dialog improvements: it now uses tabs; added a link to
      configuration file (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #327); clicking on
      checkbox label now changes checkbox state.
    - Return key now automatically continues quote blocks and ordered lists
      (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #298 and #326).
    - It is now possible to close the current tab with Ctrl+W (contributed by
      Xavier Gouchet in #283).
    - Ctrl+wheel on editor now increases/decreases font size (contributed by
      Xavier Gouchet in #328). Ctrl+wheel in preview zooms in/out (#400).
    - Alt+Up/Down arrow now moves the current line up/down (contributed by
      Xavier Gouchet in #337).
    - Added “Jump to Line” feature, with Ctrl+G shortcut (contributed by
      Xavier Gouchet in #382).
    - Table mode improvements (contributed by Maurice van der Pot).
    - “Paste Image” moved to a separate action, with Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut.
    - Added “Insert table” dialog (contributed by Changhee Kim in #431).
    - Clicking a link to nonexistent file now prompts the user to create it
      (contributed by red-kite in #436 and Xavier Gouchet in #459).
    - Added a menu action to insert images from filesystem (contributed by
      Daniel Venturini in #500).
* New options added:
    - `relativeLineNumbers` — count line numbers as relative to the current
      line (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #270).
    - `documentStatsEnabled` — show text statistics in the lower left corner
      of the editor (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #268 and #338).
    - `rightMarginWrap` — soft-wrap text at user specified margin line
      (contributed by Oğuzhan Öğreden in #313).
    - `paperSize` — set the default paper size for print or PDF export
      (contributed by mray271 in #335).
    - `recentDocumentsCount` — number of recent files to show in the menu
      (contributed by red-kite in #407).
    - `windowTitleFullPath` — show full path in window title (contributed by
      red-kite in #429).
    - `defaultPreviewState` — mode for new tabs: `editor`, `normal-preview` or
      `live-preview` (contributed by red-kite in #435). It replaces the old
      `livePreviewByDefault` option.
    - `wideCursor` — make cursor as wide as characters.
* Bugs fixed:
    - Issue #252 — Limit max-width of images to 100%.
    - Issue #267 — now installs retext.svg icon.
    - Issues #281, #469 — Autofill current filename for PDF export and Save As
      dialogs (the Save As part contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #474).
    - Issue #291 — Make sure search result does not overlap with stats/info
    - Issue #301 — Made the Markdown include extension working.
    - PR #315 — Fixed handling multi-line rows in reStructuredText tables in
      table mode (contributed by R1dO).
    - Issue #346 — Ctrl+F now focuses the search field, not closes the search
      bar. To close the search bar, now the Escape key can be used.
    - Issue #378 — Ensure that cursor is visible after resizes.
    - Issue #397 — Only check whether .css file exists on initial page load.
    - Issue #399 — Try to load before creating QApplication.
    - Issue #408 — Fix printing with dark themes.
    - Issue #409 — Make the WebKit renderer use disk cache.
    - PRs #411, #417, #426, #494 — AppData file improvements (contributed by
    - Issue #441 — Files reloading no longer triggers tab change.
    - Issue #445 — Implemented PDF export for the WebEngine renderer.
    - Issue #451 — Make the highlighter not break the pymdownx.highlight
    - Issues #452, #497, #499 — Prevent pip from building wheels, as that
      results in broken desktop files.
    - Issues #467, #488 — WebEngine renderer broken with new Qt versions.
    - Issue #468 — Include the stylesheet in exported HTML.
    - Issue #479 — Display `*` in tab title when document is modified and
      unsaved (contributed by Xavier Gouchet in #480).
    - Issue #487 — Added a workaround for missing icons in Ubuntu 19.10 Yaru
    - PR #496 — Enable HiDPI icons (contributed by Guo Yunhe).
* Translations updated:
    - Chinese (China) (contributed by liulitchi and the Chinese team).
    - Czech (contributed by David Kolibáč).
    - Danish (contributed by scootergrisen).
    - Dutch (contributed by Heimen Stoffels).
    - Finnish (contributed by elguitar).
    - German (contributed by Oliver A. Gubler in #370, Carsten Beck).
    - Italian (contributed by Alessandro Menti).
    - Korean (contributed by MukKim in #415).
    - Portuguese (Brazil) (contributed by EdemarSantos).
    - Portuguese (European) (contributed by Ricardo Simões in #278).
    - Russian (contributed by Vladislav Glinsky, Виктор Ерухин).
    - Serbian (contributed by Slobodan Simić).
    - Spanish (contributed by Félix Fischer, Fito JB).
    - Swedish (contributed by Philip Andersen).
    - Ukrainian (contributed by Vladislav Glinsky).