Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/emulators/libretro-beetle-saturn
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2020-05-31 20:15:12
Message id:

Log Message:
libretro-beetle-saturn: Update to 20200526

David Walters (33):
      Update RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_CONTROLLER_INFO when 6player adaptors are \ 
      Version bump
      state.h macro changes + fallout from that
      SCSP (audio cpu) sync.
      MDFN_HOT macro stub, to reduce number of diffs
      Reduce number of diff lines via closer sync of non-essential whitespace, \ 
formatting, macro attributes, etc.
      m68k register set/get
      VDP1 + VDP2 sync.
      Cartridge sync
      input sync (no JP keyboard)
      SCU sync.
      minor missing sync + fixes
      more syncing
      git + input "IDIIS" + jpkeyboard sync.
      gettext_noop sync
      SCU update sync + version bump
      Fix gun crosshair X position
      Fix for DOT crosshair mode
      Fix for Linux builds. Mednafen defines SIZEOF_VOID_P in its configure \ 
script, we do something similar with a makefile.
      Fix for new 3d pad internal data format
      version bump
      Game specific hacks
      merging of misc bits
      version bump
      new document
      Game specific hack (Fighting Vipers)
      SH-2 bugfix
      Reorganized SCSP DSP emulation
      Emulated input devices' internal states were not being reset on virtual \ 
power toggle
      version bump
      Sync with v1.22.2 of Mednafen
      fix crash bug when two multitaps are connected

Yoshi Sugawara (8):
      first hack to get touchscreen lightgun input working
      add core option for lightgun input: lightgun or touchscreen; check input \ 
mode when handling input
      remove debug statements
      added back setting gun position and button state for lightgun input
      touchscreen sensitivity: manually hold the gun position for a few cycles \ 
after the touch is released to ensure the fire happens at the right position
      Setting CC and CCX for ios-arm64 platform for buildbot recipe
      fixed arch argument to arm64
      (tvOS) support building

jdgleaver (1):
      Add disk control interface v1 support