Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/wm/spectrwm
From: pin
Date: 2020-06-18 20:45:25
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Log Message:
wm/spectrwm: update to 3.4.0

spectrwm 3.4.0
Release on Jun 17, 2020
   Add optional startup parameters:
     -c file - Specify a configuration file to load instead of scanning for one.
     -v - Print version and exit.
   Add new restart_of_day action. (Unbound by default.) (Same as restart but
 configuration file is loaded in full.)
   Improve startup error handling.
   Fix input focus issues.
   Fix max layout 'flickering' issue when focus_mode = follow.
   Fix ws_next_move and ws_prev_move.
   Fix withdrawn window handling.
   Fix focus issue when moving transient (and related) windows between workspaces.
   Fix maximized windows sometimes unmaximize on workspace switch.
   Fix SIGHUP restart.
   Fix transient window crossing issue on focus/swap next/prev actions.
   Fix border color issue when clicking to focus a window on an unfocused region.
   Fix keyboard_mapping fallback issue.
   Fix width calculation of Xft glyphs. (Fixes the (dis)appearing space when
 switching workspaces.)
   Increase bar hard limits to better accomodate complex markup sequences.
   Add workaround to man page for OSs ignoring LD_PRELOAD.
   Add some notes to man page and fix a warning.
   Add missing options to example spectrwm.conf.
   Update spectrwm_fr.conf
   linux: Add example script.
   linux: Accept user-provided pkg-config command.
   linux: Install examples.