Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/kiro-editor
From: pin
Date: 2020-10-23 22:50:16
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editors/kiro-editor: import

Tiny UTF-8 text editor on terminal written in Rust. Kiro was started as a Rust
port of awesome minimal text editor kilo and has grown with various extensions
and improvements.

It provides basic features as a minimal text editor:
- Open/Save text files
- Create new text files and empty text buffer on memory
- Edit a text (put/delete characters, insert/delete lines, ...)
- Simple syntax highlighting
- Simple incremental text search

Kiro extends kilo to improve editing:
-Support editing UTF-8 characters
-24bit colors (true colors) and 256 colors support using gruvbox retro color
palette with 16 colors fallback
-More efficient screen rendering and highlighting
-Open multiple files (switch buffers by Ctrl-X/Alt-X)
-Resizing terminal window supported. Screen size is responsible
-Incremental text search is fixed and improved (kiro only highlights current
match and only hits once per line).