Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/fossil
From: Jonathan Schleifer
Date: 2020-11-06 01:51:25
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Log Message:
Update devel/fossil to 2.13

Changes for Version 2.13 (2020-11-01)

  * Added support for interwiki links.
  * Enable <del> and <ins> markup in wiki.
  * Improvements to the Forum threading display.
  * Added support for embedding pikchr markup in markdown and fossil-wiki content.
  * The new "pikchr" command can render pikchr scripts, optionally \ 
pre-processed with TH1 blocks and variables exactly like site skins are.
  * The new pikchrshow page provides an editor and previewer for pikchr markup.
  * In /wikiedit and /fileedit, Ctrl-Enter can now be used initiate a preview \ 
and to toggle between the editor and preview tabs.
  * The /artifact and /file views, when in line-number mode, now support \ 
interactive selection of a range of lines to hyperlink to.
  * Enhance the /finfo webpage so that when query parameters identify both a \ 
filename and a checkin, the resulting graph tracks the identified file across \ 
  * The built-in SQLite is updated to an alpha of version 3.34.0, and the \ 
minimum SQLite version is increased to 3.34.0 because the /finfo change in the \ 
previous bullet depends on enhancements to recursive common table expressions \ 
that are only available in SQLite 3.34.0 and later.
  * Countless other minor refinements and documentation improvements.