Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/libX11
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2020-11-20 21:42:53
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Log Message:
libX11: update to 1.7.0.

libX11 version 1.7.0 includes a new API, hence the change from the 1.6
series to 1.7:

 * XSetIOErrorExitHandler which provides a mechanism for applications
   to recover from I/O error conditions instead of being forced to
   exit. Thanks to Carlos Garnacho for this.

This release includes a bunch of bug fixes, some which have been pending for \ 
over three years:

 * A bunch of nls cleanups to remove obsolete entries and clean up
   formatting of the ist. Thanks to Benno Schulenberg for these.

 * Warning fixes and other cleanups across a huge swath of the
   library. Thanks to Alan Coopersmith for these.

 * Memory allocation bugs, including leaks and use after free in the
   locale code. Thanks to Krzesimir Nowak, Jacek Caban and Vittorio
   Zecca for these.

 * Thread safety fixes in the locale code. Thanks to Jacek Caban for

 * poll_for_response race condition fix. Thanks to Frediano Ziglio for
   the bulk of this effort, and to Peter Hutterer for careful review
   and improvements.

Version 1.7.0 includes a couple of new locales:

 * ia and ie locales. Thanks to Carmina16 for these.

There are also numerous compose entries added, including:

 * |^ or ^| for ↑, |v or v| for ↓, ~~ for ≈. Thanks to Antti
    Savolainen for this.

 * Allowing use of 'v' for caron, in addition to 'c', so things like
   vC for Č, vc for č. Thanks to Benno Schulenberg for this.

 * Compose sequences LT, lt for '<', and GT, gt for '>' for keyboards
   where those are difficult to access. Thanks to Jonathan Belsewir
   for this.