Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors
From: Daniel Horecki
Date: 2020-12-11 19:06:25
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to version 8.2.2127.

8.2.1934  Vim9: command modifiers in :def function not tested
8.2.1935  sort test fails on Mac
8.2.1936  session sets the local 'scrolloff' value to the global value
8.2.1937  Vim9: test for confirm modifier fails in some situations
8.2.1938  wiping out a terminal buffer makes some tests fail
8.2.1939  invalid memory access in Ex mode with global command
8.2.1940  Vim9: browse modifier test fails on Mac
8.2.1941  Ex mode test fails on MS-Windows with GUI
8.2.1942  insufficient test coverage for the Netbeans interface
8.2.1943  Vim9: wrong error message when colon is missing
8.2.1944  Netbeans test is flaky
8.2.1945  crash when passing NULL function to reduce()
8.2.1946  sort() with NULL string not tested
8.2.1947  crash when using "zj" without folds
8.2.1948  GUI: crash when handling message while closing a window
8.2.1949  Vim9: using extend() on null dict is silently ignored
8.2.1950  Vim9: crash when compiling function fails when getting type
8.2.1951  test for list and dict fails
8.2.1952  Vim9: crash when using a NULL dict key
8.2.1953  Vim9: extra "unknown" error after other error
8.2.1954  Vim9: not all command modifiers are tested
8.2.1955  Vim9: not all command modifiers are tested
8.2.1956  Vim9: cannot specify argument types for lambda
8.2.1957  diff and cursorcolumn highlighting don't mix
8.2.1958  build failure with timers
8.2.1959  crash when terminal buffer name is made empty
8.2.1960  warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.1961  various comments can be improved
8.2.1962  netbeans may access freed memory
8.2.1963  crash when using a popup window with "latin1" encoding
8.2.1964  not all ConTeXt files are recognized
8.2.1965  Vim9: tests fail without the channel feature
8.2.1966  popup becomes current window after closing a terminal window
8.2.1967  the session file does not restore the alternate file
8.2.1968  Vim9: has() assumes a feature does not change dynamically
8.2.1969  Vim9: map() may change the list or dict item type
8.2.1970  it is easy to make mistakes when cleaning up swap files
8.2.1971  memory leak when map() fails
8.2.1972  crash when recreating nested fold
8.2.1973  finding a patch number can be a bit slow
8.2.1974  Vim9: test for has('gui_running') fails with VIMDLL
8.2.1975  Win32: memory leak when encoding conversion fails
8.2.1976  cannot backspace in prompt buffer after using cursor-left
8.2.1977  Vim9: error for using a string in a condition is confusing
8.2.1978  making a mapping work in all modes is complicated
8.2.1979  "term_opencmd" option of term_start() is truncated
8.2.1980  Vim9: some tests are not done at the script level
8.2.1981  MinGW: parallel compilation might fail
8.2.1982  quickfix window not updated when adding invalid entries
8.2.1983  ml_get error when using <Cmd> to open a terminal
8.2.1984  cannot use :vimgrep in omni completion
8.2.1985  crash when closing terminal popup with <Cmd> mapping
8.2.1986  expression test is flaky on Appveyor
8.2.1987  MS-Windows: Win32.mak is no longer needed
8.2.1988  still in Insert mode when opening terminal popup
8.2.1989  info popup triggers WinEnter and WinLeave autocommands
8.2.1990  cursor position wrong in terminal popup with finished job
8.2.1991  Coverity warns for not using the ga_grow() return value
8.2.1992  build fails with small features
8.2.1993  occasional failure of the netbeans test
8.2.1994  MS-Windows: MinGW always does a full build
8.2.1995  the popup menu can cause too much redrawing
8.2.1996  Vim9: invalid error for argument of extend()
8.2.1997  window changes when using bufload() while in a terminal popup
8.2.1998  terminal Cmd test sometimes fails to close popup
8.2.1999  terminal popup test sometimes fails
8.2.2000  Vim9: dict.key assignment not implemented yet
8.2.2001  Vim9: :def function does not apply 'maxfuncdepth'
8.2.2002  Vim9: lambda argument shadowed by function name
8.2.2003  build error with +conceal but without +popupwin
8.2.2004  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.2005  redoing a mapping with <Cmd> doesn't work properly
8.2.2006  .pbtxt files are not recognized
8.2.2007  test for insert mode in popup is not reliable
8.2.2008  MS-Windows GUI: handling channel messages lags
8.2.2009  MS-Windows: setting $LANG in gvimext only causes problems
8.2.2010  Vim9: compiling fails for unreachable return statement
8.2.2011  "syn sync" reports a very large number
8.2.2012  Vim9: confusing error message when using bool wrongly
8.2.2013  Vim9: not skipping white space after unary minus
8.2.2014  using CTRL-O in a prompt buffer moves cursor to start
8.2.2015  Vim9: literal dict #{} is not like any other language
8.2.2016  swap file test is a little flaky
8.2.2017  missing part of the dict change
8.2.2018  Vim9: script variable not found from lambda
8.2.2019  swap file test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2020  some compilers do not like the "namespace" argument
8.2.2021  Vim9: get E1099 when autocommand resets did_emsg
8.2.2022  Vim9: star command recognized errornously
8.2.2023  Vim: memory leak when :execute fails
8.2.2024  flicker when redrawing a popup with a title and border
8.2.2025  Amiga: Not all colors are used on OS4
8.2.2026  Coverity warns for possibly using not NUL terminated string
8.2.2027  Coverity warns for uninitialized field
8.2.2028  Coverity warns for using an uninitialized variable
8.2.2029  Coverity warns for not checking return value
8.2.2030  some tests fail on Mac
8.2.2031  some tests fail when run under valgrind
8.2.2032  cabalconfig and cabalproject filetypes not recognized
8.2.2033  Vim9: :def without argument gives compilation error
8.2.2034  Vim9: list unpack in for statement not compiled yet
8.2.2035  MS-Windows: some tests may fail
8.2.2036  buffer messed up if creating the quickfix window fails
8.2.2037  compiler test depends on list of compiler plugins
8.2.2038  compiler test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2039  viminfo is not written when creating a new file
8.2.2040  terminal buffer disappears even when 'bufhidden' is "hide"
8.2.2041  haskell filetype not optimally recognized
8.2.2042  build failure with +profile but without +reltime
8.2.2043  GTK3: white border around text stands out
8.2.2044  MS-Windows: swap file test sometimes fails
8.2.2045  highlighting a character too much with incsearch
8.2.2046  some test failures don't give a clear error
8.2.2047  Amiga: FEAT_ARP defined when it should not
8.2.2048  Amiga: obsolete code
8.2.2049  Amiga: obsolete function
8.2.2050  search test contains unneeded sleeps
8.2.2051  Vim9: crash when aborting a user function call
8.2.2052  Vim9: "edit +4 fname" gives an error
8.2.2053  Vim9: lamba doesn't accept argument types
8.2.2054  Amiga: FEAT_ARP defined when it should not
8.2.2055  MS-Windows: two Vim instances may use the same temp file
8.2.2056  configure fails if building with implicit-function-declaration
8.2.2057  getting the selection may trigger TextYankPost autocmd
8.2.2058  using mkview/loadview changes the jumplist
8.2.2059  Amiga: can't find plugins
8.2.2060  check for features implemented with "if"
8.2.2061  Vim9: E1030 error when using empty string for term_sendkeys()
8.2.2062  <Cmd> does not handle CTRL-V
8.2.2063  Vim9: only one level of indexing supported
8.2.2064  terminal: cursor is on while redrawing, causing flicker
8.2.2065  using map() and filter() on a range() is inefficient
8.2.2066  Vim9: assignment with += doesn't work
8.2.2067  cursor position in popup terminal is wrong
8.2.2068  transparent syntax item uses start/end of containing region
8.2.2069  the quickfix window is not updated after setqflist()
8.2.2070  can't get the exit value in VimLeave(Pre) autocommands
8.2.2071  Vim9: list assign doesn't except empty remainder list
8.2.2072  Vim9: list assign not well tested
8.2.2073  Vim9: for with unpack only works for local variables
8.2.2074  Vim9: using :normal from Vim9 script can't handle range
8.2.2075  error for const argument to mapnew()
8.2.2076  MS-Windows console: sometimes drops typed characters
8.2.2077  build failure with small features
8.2.2078  illegal memory access when using :print on invalid text
8.2.2079  Vim9: cannot put a linebreak before or after "in" of \ 
8.2.2080  Vim9: no proper error message for using s:var in for loop
8.2.2081  Vim9: cannot handle a linebreak after "=" in assignment
8.2.2082  Vim9: can still use the depricated #{} dict syntax
8.2.2083  Vim9: crash when using ":silent!" and getting member fails
8.2.2084  CTRL-V U doesn't work to enter a Unicode character
8.2.2085  Qt translation file is recognized as typescript
8.2.2086  libvterm tests are only run on Linux
8.2.2087  Vim9: memory leak when statement is truncated
8.2.2088  Vim9: script test sometimes fails
8.2.2089  libvterm test fails to build on Mac
8.2.2090  Vim9: dict does not accept a key in quotes
8.2.2091  MS-Windows: build warnings
8.2.2092  Vim9: unpredictable errors for script tests
8.2.2093  Vim9: script test sometimes fails
8.2.2094  when an expression fails getting next command may be wrong
8.2.2095  Vim9: crash when failed dict member is followed by concat
8.2.2096  Vim9: command modifiers not restored after assignment
8.2.2097  Vim9: using :silent! when calling a function prevents abort
8.2.2098  Vim9: function argument of sort() and map() not tested
8.2.2099  Vim9: some checks are not tested
8.2.2100  insufficient testing for function range and dict
8.2.2101  Vim9: memory leak when literal dict has an error
8.2.2102  Vim9: not all error messages tested
8.2.2103  Vim9: unreachable code
8.2.2104  build problem with Ruby 2.7
8.2.2105  sound test is a bit flaky
8.2.2106  TOML files are not recognized
8.2.2107  Vim9: some errors not tested
8.2.2108  Vim9: no test to check for :let error
8.2.2109  "vim -" does not work well when modifyOtherKeys is enabled
8.2.2110  cannot use ":shell" when reading from stdin
8.2.2111  GTK: menu background is the same color as the main window
8.2.2112  running tests may leave some files behind
8.2.2113  MS-Windows GUI: crash after using ":set guifont=" four times
8.2.2114  Vim9: unreachable code in assignment
8.2.2115  Vim9: some errors not tested for; dead code
8.2.2116  MS-Windows GUI: test for 'guifont' is incomplete
8.2.2117  some functions use any value as a string
8.2.2118  dead code in the job support
8.2.2119  GTK3: status line background color is wrong
8.2.2120  not all Perl functionality is tested
8.2.2121  internal error when using \ze before \zs in a pattern
8.2.2122  Vim9: crash when sourcing vim9script early
8.2.2123  after using a complete popup the buffer is listed
8.2.2124  Vim9: a range cannot be computed at runtime
8.2.2125  Vim9: leaking memory
8.2.2126  Ruby: missing function prototype
8.2.2127  Vim9: executing user command from Vim9 script not tested