Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/curl
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-02-03 14:17:18
Message id:

Log Message:
curl: updated to 7.75.0


curl: add --create-file-mode [mode]
curl: add new variables to --write-out
dns: extend CURLOPT_RESOLVE syntax for adding non-permanent entries
gopher: implement secure gopher protocol
http: add Hyper as new optional HTTP backend
http: introduce AWS HTTP v4 Signature support

Bugfixes: add verbose mode -v ignore stand-alone single hash lines
BUG-BOUNTY: minor language updates
build: fix djgpp builds
cleanup: fix empty expression statement has no effect
cmake: Add an option to disable libidn2
cmake: enable gophers correctly in curl-config
cmdline-opts/ return hard on errors
cmdline-opts/retry.d: mention response code 429 as well
configure: set -Wextra-semi-stmt for clang with --enable-debug
connect: defer port selection until connect() time
connect: mark intentional ignores of setsockopt return values
connect: on linux, enable reporting of all ICMP errors on UDP sockets
connect: zero variable on stack to silence valgrind complaint
cookie: avoid the C1001 internal compiler error with MSVC 14
curl.1: fix typo microsft -> microsoft
curl: fix handling of -q option
curl: include the file name in --xattr/--remote-time error msgs
curl: move fprintf outputs to warnf
Curl_chunker: shrink the struct
curl_easy_pause.3: add multiplexed pause effects
CURLOPT_URL.3: remove scheme specific details
digest_sspi: Show InitializeSecurityContext errors in verbose mode
docs/examples: adjust prototypes for CURLOPT_READFUNCTION
docs/URL-SYNTAX: the URL syntax curl accepts and works with
docs: enable syntax highlighting in several docs files
docs: fix line length bug in
docs: fix typos in
docs: fix wrong documentation in help.d
docs: remove redundant "better" in --fail help
doh: allocate state struct on demand
examples/libtest: add .checksrc to dist
examples: remove superfluous asterisk uses
failf: remove newline from formatting strings
file: don't provide content-length for directories
getinfo: build with disabled HTTP support
gitattributes: Set batch files to CRLF line endings on checkout
h2: do not wait for RECV on paused transfers
HISTORY: added dates to early history
http: empty reply connection are not left intact
http: get CURLOPT_REQUEST_TARGET working with a HTTP proxy
http: have CURLOPT_FAILONERROR fail after all headers
http: make providing Proxy-Connection header not cause duplicated headers
http: show the request as headers even when split-sending
http_chunks: correct and clarify a comment on hexnumber length
http_proxy: Fix CONNECT chunked encoding race condition
httpauth: make multi-request auth work with custom port
INSTALL: now at 85 operating systems
INSTALL: update the list known OSes and CPU archs curl has run on
lib/unit tests: add missing curl_global_cleanup() calls
lib1564/5: verify that curl_multi_wakeup returns OK
lib: pass in 'struct Curl_easy *' to most functions
lib: remove Curl_ prefix from many static functions
lib: save a bit of space with some structure packing
libssh2: fix "Value stored to 'readdir_len' is never read"
libssh2: move data from connection object to transfer object
libssh: avoid plain free() of libssh-memory
mime: make sure setting MIMEPOST to NULL resets properly
misc: assorted typo fixes
misc: fix "warning: empty expression statement has no effect"
misc: fix typos deterministic output when using -t
mqtt: deal with 0 byte reads correctly
mqtt: handle POST/PUBLISH without a set POSTFIELDSIZE
multi: set the PRETRANSFER time-stamp when we switch to PERFORM
multi: skip DONE state if there's no connection left for ftp wildcard
multi: when erroring in TOOFAST state, act as for PERFORM
multi_runsingle: bail out early on data->conn == NULL
ngtcp2: Fix http3 upload stall
ngtcp2: Fix stack buffer overflow
ngtcp2: make it build it current master again
nss: get the run-time version instead of build-time
openssl: lowercase the hostname before using it for SNI
OS400: update ccsidcurl.c
pretransfer: setup the User-Agent header here
quiche: remove fprintf() leftover
Revert "CI/github: work-around for brew breakage on macOS"
runtests: add 'wakeup' as a feature
runtests: add support for %if [feature] conditions
runtests: preprocess DISABLED to allow conditionals
schannel: plug a memory-leak
schannel_verify: fix safefree call typo
select: convert Curl_select() to private static function
socks: use the download buffer instead
speedcheck: exclude paused transfers
strerror: skip errnum >= 0 assertion on windows
test1522: add debug tracing
test1633: set appropriate name
test179: use consistent header line endings
test410: verify HTTPS GET with a 49K request header
tests/mqttd: extract the client id from the correct offset
tests: make --libcurl tests only test FTP options if ftp enabled
tool_doswin: Restore original console settings on CTRL signal
tool_operate: fix the suppression logic of some error messages
tool_operate: spellfix a comment
too─║_writeout: fix the -w time output units
transfer: fix GCC 10 warning with flag '-Wint-in-bool-context'
travis: build ngtcp2 --with-gnutls
travis: limit the tests with quiche builds to HTTPS and FTPS only
travis: restrict the openssl3 job to only run https and ftps tests
url: if IDNA conversion fails, fallback to Transitional
urldata: make magic be the first struct field
urldata: remove 'local_ip' from the connectdata struct
urldata: remove duplicate 'upkeep_interval_ms' from connectdata
urldata: remove duplicate port number storage
urldata: remove the duplicate 'ip_addr_str' field
urldata: store ip version in a single byte
vtls: remove md5sum
warnless: remove curlx_ultosi
wolfssl: add SECURE_RENEGOTIATION support
wolfssl: Support wolfSSL builds missing TLS 1.1