Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/zim
Date: 2021-02-08 11:55:56
Message id:

Log Message:
zim: Update to 0.73.5

pkgsrc changes:
  * zim now requires Python >= 3.2
  * zim now depends on Gtk3 and GObject

upstream changes:
##  0.73.5 - Sat 30 Jan 2021
* Fix regression for "www." links in pages
* Fix bug with email address or url wrapped in higlight markup
* Fix bug with handling newline in inline formatting
* Fix bug when deleting a bullet-like sequence
* Fix bug with relative links in single page export
* Fix bug if notebook name is not set
* Interpret pasted text as "wiki" format and add "Paste As \ 
* Update default application lookup to latest spec
* Fix portable environment windows installer
* Merge Weblate translations

##  0.73.4 - Thu 19 Nov 2020
* Fix issue with relative links on windows
* Fix reload page after change in external editor
* Fix regressions due to python3.9 change in ElementTree
* Fix regression in nested format in link
* Fix test failure in testing translations
* Let versions control plugin initialize git repro to not quote non-ascii paths
* Update markdown extension and mime-type
* Merge translations

##  0.73.3 - Fri 09 Oct 2020
* Fix missing export formats in windows installer
* Add support for environ.ini at startup for portable install
* Make trash function more robust for GLib.Error errors
* Remove xdg import in windows for mimetyping
* Fix regression with GdkPixbuf.PixbufRotation constants
* Fix issues in parser under Python 3.9
* Fix regression with pages with formatting in heading
* Merge translations

##  0.73.2 - Fri 24 Jul 2020
* Add "show debug log" menu item
* Add missing "triangle" icons for windows installer
* Include helper to spawn external processes for windows installer
* Fix dropdown namespace autocomplete in move-page dialog
* Fix wiki parser for case of nested URL
* Fix ParseTreeBuilder interface for python3.9
* Add debug output for drag-and-drop workaround
* Fix popup menu in attachment browser plugin
* Fix warnings during export for "page.meta"
* Fix on-preferences-changed for tableofcontents plugin

##  0.73.1 - Fri 19 Jun 2020
* Fix regression for opening single instance
* Fix exception on toggle format
* Fix failing tests due to change in sorting python3.8
* Make robust for deprecation of cElementTree in python3.9
* Improve tmpdir usage by using tempfile.mkdtemp()

##  0.73.0 - Sat 06 Jun 2020
* Add ability to combine formatting styles in editor
* Improve URL and link parsing to look for matching brackets
* Reduce the number of `-` needed to auto-format a horizontal line
* Allow typing bullet after e.g. checkbox to replace it
* Add autoformat for sub- and super-script by typing `^..` and `_{..}`
* On autoformat headings also strip trailing `=`
* Fix issue with lost formatting when using spellchecker
* Add support for "paragraph-background" property in style.conf
* Improve keyboard behavior of find bar in editor
* Swap the layout in the InsertDateDialog
* Allow re-arranging side pane tabs by drag and drop
* Add option to automatically collapse sections in the pageindex
* Fix regression for inserting links on "Attach file" and moved this
  function to the Insert menu
* Merge MovePageDialog and RenamePageDialog into a single dialog
* Fix behavior when renaming non-existing "placeholder" pages
* Add workaround for drag-and-drop issue #390
* Whitelist image formats in latex export to avoid invalid image types
* Add MacOS menubar plugin & fix for main menu mnemonics in MacOS
* Give temporary directories unique names to improve robustness
* Support TEXTDOMAINDIR evironment variable to set locale directory
* Improve folder checks for automount feature
* Improve window colors in distraction free mode
* Add option to set the wrap-mode in sourceview
* Add theme choice for the source view plugin
* Add "private" switch to server command for commandline usage
* Add authentication support to web server
* Add template selection option to web server dialog
* Add option for fontsize to table of contents plugin
* Add option to show horizontal lines in table of contents

##  0.72.1 - Wed 01 Jan 2020
* Update translations & documentation

##  0.72.0 - Thu 29 Aug 2019
* Improve pathbar with "linked" visual design
* Improve statusbar visual style
* Change behavior for lists with mixed bullets
* Add configuration of keybindings to preferences dialog
* Support gnome-screenshot in the insert screenshot plugin
* Save size of secondary page window
* Add option for linenumbers option in insert code block dialog
* Add option to display date column in tasklist side pane
* Add warnings if locale does not support unicode
* Make SVG thumbnail support configurable
* Fix bug for insert equation and other objects
* Fix use of escape sequence in table cells
* Fix tasklist view for multiple dates in task
* Fix "apply heading" to strip list formatting
* Make ToC plugin update instead of refresh on save
* Fix issue with not-unique headings in tableofcontents
* Fix bugs in auto insert bullet at newline

##  0.71.1 - Thu 23 May 2019
* Fix robustness for OSError on process startup
* Fix for popup menu on page index for Gtk < 3.22
* Updated translations

##  0.71.0 - Thu 25 Apr 2019
* Fix "spill over" between translation files
* Fix use of popup menus
* Hack to work around textview glitches embedded objects
* Make indexer recover from duplicate page names
* Fix recovery of broken index file on startup
* Restore New Sub Page for index context menu
* Let customtools replace autoselected words and insert
* Fallback encoding when calling external applications
* Hide pathbar in distraction free mode
* Merge fix for unicode completion in dialogs
* Remember cursor position on reload
* Fix inlinecalculator plugin
* Update Gtk prerequisite version to 3.18
* Updated Russian translation

##  0.70 - Thu 28 Mar 2019
* Ported zim to use Python3 & Gtk3
* Refactored application framework, all windows run single process now with
  single plugin manager and preferences manager
* Refactored plugin extension loading code and added functions to find
	extensions and actions
* Removed the notebook "profile" properties
* Plugins now can use notebook properties to store settings per notebook
* The page index side pane and the pathbar are now plugins
* Redesign journal plugin sidepane view and remove dialog
* Renamed "calendar" plugin to "journal"
* Removed OSX menubar plugin
* Image generator plugins now are "inserted objects"
* Workaround for missing clipboard.set_with_data()
* Improved speed of test suite and refactored test constructs
* Support flatpack-spawn to execute processes
* Critical fix for updating links on move page and rename page
* Critical fix for parsing headers when page has no title
* Fix page index issue on delete page

##  0.69 - Sun 16 Dec 2018
* Performance improvements for indexing large notebooks
* Performance improvement for auto-completion of page names in dialogs
* Updated translations from launchpad

##  0.68 - Sat 17 Mar 2018
* Critical fix for updating links on move page and rename page
* Critical fix for rename page and indexing on case-insensitive file systems
  (like windows)
* Fix for regression in tasklist option to _not_ regard all checkboxes as tasks
  -- Fabian Stanke
* Fix for egression in index navigation with previous page and next page
* Fix for memory leak in spell checker plugin -- Alexander Meshcheryakov
* Fix issues with multi-line selections in linesorter plugin
* Fix bug with opening notebook list from tray icon
* Fix bug with "-s" commandline argument for exporting
* Fix bug with importing attachments in quicknote plugin commandline use
* Pathbar now reveals more path elements in case of ambiguous pages -- Robert Hailey
* Add "font" property for use in "styles.conf"
* Add "navigation.home" to template parser for export -- Rolf Kleef
* Version control plugin updated to better handle git staging -- Paul Becker
* Extend interface for "image generator" plugins - Robert Hailey
* Code cleaned up to be a bit PEP8 compliant and more future proof for python3
  conversion -- Christian Stadelmann

##  0.67 - Mon 10 Jul 2017
* Critical fix for missing page headers & remembering custom headers
* Critical fix by removing dependency on threading for index and socket handling
  - Hidden option to also do autosave without thread to test further issues
* Critical fix for handling unicode file names on windows
* Fix issue where config values go missing if not used
* Fix error for file shortcuts in various dialogs
* Restored macOS integration using a plugin
* Shorter socket name to avoid os specific error on OS X
* More robustness for socket errors, fallback to --standalone automaticlly
* More robustness at startup when default notebook went missing, fallback to --list
* More robustness in preferences dialog when plugins give exceptions
* More robustness for invalid dates in tasklist parser
* Merge patch to add accelerators for bookmarks
* Updated build process for windows installer
* Fix indexing errors on move/rename page
* Fix regression in close-page when autosave ongoing
* Fix regression drag-n-drop index pane
* Fix regression for keybindings in index pane
* Fix regressions for attaching files
* Fix regression for opening folders
* Fix regression in opening inter-wiki links
* Fix regression in custom tools
* Fix regression in completion of page name in dialog entry
* Fix regression in quicknote "--attachments" option
* Fix regression for quicknote plugin due to process management
* Fix regression in date format for recentchanges dialog
* Fix regression in custom tool execution
* Fix for unicode in auto-linking
* Fix for unicode in arithmetic plugin
* Fix "insert image" also inserting a text link
* Fix search regex for chinese language to not match whitespace for start/end of word
* Fix for table editor plugin when sorting rows
* Fix for wrong usage of escapes in latex export for verbatim blocks

##  0.66 - Fri 28 Apr 2017
* Multiple notebooks run as single process now to reduce multi-process
  complexity - more robust startup, reduce need for "--standalone"
* SQLite indexer re-written to fix long standing bugs and design flaws
  with indexing
* Improved performance tag filtering in side pane
* Detect pages have changed on disk, even when page present in cache
* Bug fix for drag-n-drop of text within the editor
* New checkbox type available for "moved task" for journal workflow
* Context menu defined for checkboxes
* Horizontal lines "<HR>" added to wiki syntax -- Pavel_M
* Pathbar buttons can now also be used to insert page links by drag-n-drop
  -- Klaus Holler
* "search in section" added to context menu for pages
* "search backlinks" added to context menu for pages -- Volodymyr Buell
* Keyboard navigation of plugin tab in preferences dialog -- Jens Sauer
* Allow "mailto:" links contain arguments like "?subject="
* Tasklist plugin: now also available embedded in side pane
* Tasklist plugin: new syntax for including due and start dates
* Tasklist plugin: new formatting priority column including deadlines
* Tasklist plugin: new "flat list" mode to only see lowest level tasks
* Tasklist plugin: removed support for "next" label
* Tasklist plugin: dialog now remembers sorting -- Jonas Pfannschmidt
* Versioncontrol plugin: git: removed global "git add", instead stage
  individual files
* Versioncontrol plugin: fossil: fix for fossil "addremove"
* Attachment browser: bug fix for drag-n-drop
* Linesorter plugin: added keybindings to move / duplicate / delete lines
  -- Johannes Kirschner
* Sourceview plugin: bug fix to make export via commandline also use
  objects -- Alex Ivkin
* Sourceview plugin: bug fix to follow editable state of parent window
  -- Jan Taus
* Bookmarks plugin updates -- Pavel_M
* Tableeditor plugin: bug fix for links -- Sašo Živanović
* Linkmap plugin: bug fix "unexpected char '-'"
* Arithmic plugin: bug fix to allow negative numbers -- TROUVERIE Joachim
* Dev: Templates are now translatable, using "gettext()" -- Jens Sauer
* Dev: Index API completely changed, see tasklist for a plugin example
* Dev: New module for file-system interaction, to be used in new code
* Dev: New parsing strategy based on tokenlist, used for tasklist parser
* Dev: Defined notebook API for concurrent operations in gtk main loop
* Dev: Simplified SignalEmitter code
* Packaging: removed support for maemo build - code went stale
* Packaging: make package build reproducible -- Reiner Herrmann
* Added translations for: Amharic, Arabic, Basque, and Portuguese

##  0.65 - Sun 01 Nov 2015
This release fixes two critical bugs in version 0.64:
* <Control> keybindings fail for older gtk versions, and in particular
  for the <Control><Space> keybinding
* The table editor tends to drop columns of content in the precences
  of empty cells

##  0.64 - Tue 27 Oct 2015
* Bookmark plugin - by Pavel M
* Updated spell plugin to allow using gtkspellcheck as backend
* Updated attachmentbrowser plugin with new thumbnailing logic
* Speed up of sqlite indexing
* Updated support for OS X - by Brecht Machiels
* Bug fixes for the Fossil version control support
* Bug fixes for locale in strftime and strxfrm functions
* Bug fix to avoid overwriting the accelmap config file

##  0.63 - Sat 13 Jun 2015
* Table plugin - by Tobias Haupenthal
* Support for Fossil version control - by Stas Bushuev
... Many bug fixes

##  0.62 - Tue 30 Sep 2014
Bug fix release
* Fixed broken Source View plugin
* Fixed Tray Icon plugin for Ubuntu
* Fixed bug with Caps Lock on windows
* Fixed behavior of New Page dialog
* Fixed status parsing for Git backend
* Fixed bug with CamelCase parsing for Persian & Arabic script
* Fixed parsing of numbered list character to be robust for Chinese characters
* Fixed bug with www server dialog
* Fixed bug in Go Child Page action
* Fixed export using the S5 slideshow template - now splits by heading
* Fixed bug in indexing for python 2.6
* Fixed bug in Open Notebook dialog when selecting current notebook
* Changed lookup path for 3rd party plugin modules - now uses XDG path
* Merged patch to support more screenshot tools in the Insert Screenshot
  plugin - Andri Kusumah
* Updated Sort Lines plugin to use natural sorting for unicode
* Added control for handling of line breaks in HTML export
* Changed rendering of checkboxes in HTML export
* Merged patch to set image size for GNU R plugin - Olivier Scholder
* Added control to toggle full page name in Tag index view
* Added handling of SIGTERM signal

##  0.61 - Thu 31 Jul 2014
* Full refactoring of code for parsing and processing wiki syntax
  making parser easier to extend and document interface more scalable
* Full refactoring of code for plugin framework making plugins more
  flexible by defining decorators for specific application objects
* Full refactoring of code for exporting pages from zim
  - Now supports MHTML export format
  - Supports exporting multiple pages to a single file
  - Supports recursive export of a page and all it's sub-pages
  - Templates now support many more instructions and expressions
* Full refactoring of the code for parsing commandline commands and
  initializing the application
* New config manager code to make parsing and handling of config files
  more robust
* Merged new plugin for editing sequence diagrams by Greg Warner
* Improved the ToC plugin with floating widget
* Fixed unicode issue when calling external applications, and in
  particular for the hg and git commands
* Fixed support for unicode CamelCase word detection
* Fixed bug on windows with unicode user names in background process
* Changed "tags" plugin to show full page paths in the pre-tag view
* Added option for custom commands to replace the current selection
* Added keybindings for XF86Back and XF86Forward
* Many small fixes & patches from various persons that I forgot about *sorry*
* Added Finnish translation

##  0.60 - Tue 30 Apr 2013
* In this release the required python version is changed from 2.5 to 2.6 !
* Added a Recent Changes dialog and a Recent Changes pathbar option
* Added search entry to toolbar
* Added function to attachment browser plugin to zoom icon size
* Added new template by Robert Welch
* Critical bug fix for using templates that have a resources folder
* Fix for week number in Journal plugin page template (again)
* Fix for focus switching with distraction free editing plugin
* Fix for handling BOM character at start of file
* Fixed quicknote dialog to ask for confirmation on discard
* Fix to allow calling executables that do not end in .exe on windows
* Fix for various typos in the manual by Stéphane Aulery
* Removed custom zim.www.Server class in favor of standard library version
* New translations for Korean and Norwegian Bokmal