Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/xterm
From: pin
Date: 2021-02-08 22:04:15
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Log Message:
x11/xterm: update to 356

Patch #365 - 2021/02/03
-Amend fix for “word” selection in patch #364 to limit that to the insert
selectable action, which reads data from the screen. This restores the
interactive behavior where double-clicking on a “word” would make subsequent
selection extensions by words as well as suppressing some boundary-checks
(report by David Wolfskill, FreeBSD #253225).

Patch #364 - 2021/02/02
-Add -fc option.
-Correct/improve limit-checks for SRM versus ENQ from patch #344 (report by
Tom Szilagyi).
-Enable XftFont resource in Xaw3dxft configuration (patch by Tavis Ormandy).
-Improve quoting/escaping in build-scripts per shellcheck.
-Add libpcre2-posix to the packages tested for --with-pcre2 option, needed with
Fedora (report by Tomas Korbar).
-Correct a typo in manual page, and note that KeepClipboard may not be
compiled-in (report/patch by Sean C Farley).
-Corrected boundary-checks for “word” selection used in onNClicks resources
(report by Tavis Ormandy).
-Update to autoconf-2.52-20210101, to improve shellcheck warnings.
-Improve configure check for desktop categories.