Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2021-02-13 06:15:43
Message id:

Log Message:
tex-hyperref{,-doc}: update to 7.00j

This hyperref version
 * sets unicode to true by default for all engines, so now also for

It cleaned up various language patches:
 * removed patches for russian, new version is on ctan
 * removed patches for danish, dutch, finnish, portugues, usorbian,
   swedish, slovene, macedonian, ukrainian.
   This doesn't affect the output, but can give warnings in the log
   until the language files adapt their definitions.
 * removed an outdated patch for \texttilde
 * moved language patches to an extra file for easier handling
 * removed \HyPsd at BabelPatch and the related code as no longer
   needed with a current babel.
 * removed patches for ngerman/german: these are now in babel-german
 * removed patches for french, unneeded according the
   babel-french maintainer.
 * removed patches for greeknumerals, the code is now in

Some outdated code has been removed:
 * removed outdated code to fix the first page boxlevel
 * removed outdated code to fix old ltxcmds code
 * removed outdated code to fix fancyvrb
 * removed code related to /Hid - deprecated in PDF 1.2

The supported autoref languages have been extended
 * added norsk to autoref languages
 * added danish to autoref language
 * corrected french language

Two bugs have been fixed:
 * corrected the definition of \begin/\end in \pdfstringdef
 * added Euro to encoding of form field font

 * renamed the manual to hyperref-doc
 * moved the license of the documentation into the file
 * puenc.def defines cyrillic command, specially \C, only if
   \CYRDZE has been defined previously
 * puenc.def defines greek commands only if
   \textBeta has been defined previously
 * puenc.def defines hebrew command only if
   \hebdalet has been defined previously
 * ntheorem-hyper.sty made an obsolete stub
   as ntheorem has been hyperref-compatible for some years.
 * moved definitions for the \G accent to an extra file
   puenc-extra.def, which can be loaded manually (issue 170)
 * moved the loading of puenc.def so that it can be suppressed
   with pdflatex with unicode=false
 * corrected the \hspace command in \pdfstringdef, so that it
   accepts some subset of the calc syntax.
 * moved the PU-declarations for greek to an extra file
   puenc-greek.ldf and force loading if the options psdextra is
 * moved definition for \U accent into the cyrillic block.
   So it is only defined if \CYRDZE has been defined previously.
 * Some clarifications in the manual.
 * added \special{dvipdfmx:config C 0x10} to the xetex and
   dvipdfmx driver to avoid problems with links to external files.
 * if platex is detected unicode is set to false
 * reverted the delayed loading of puenc.def as it breaks
   package options
 * added a \lastnodetype test to distinguish explicit 0pt vskip from
   no skip in \Hy at SaveLastskip
 * enabled setting the pdfversion with the xetex/dvipdfm driver,