Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-pylint
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-02-22 10:24:34
Message id:

Log Message:
py-pylint: updated to 2.7.0

What's New in Pylint 2.7.0?

* Introduce DeprecationMixin for reusable deprecation checks.
* Fix false positive for ``builtin-not-iterating`` when ``map`` receives iterable
* Python 3.6+ is now required.
* Fix false positive for ``builtin-not-iterating`` when ``zip`` receives iterable
* Add `nan-comparison` check for NaN comparisons
* Bug fix for empty-comment message line number.
* Only emit `bad-reversed-sequence` on dictionaries if below py3.8
* Handle class decorators applied to function.
* Add check for empty comments
* Fix minor documentation issue in contribute.rst
* Enums are now required to be named in UPPER_CASE by ``invalid-name``.
* Add missing checks for deprecated functions.
* Postponed evaluation of annotations are now recognized by default if python \ 
version is above 3.10
* Fix column metadata for anomalous backslash lints
* Drop support for Python 3.5
* Add support for pep585 with postponed evaluation
* Check alternative union syntax - PEP 604
* Fix multiple false positives with assignment expressions
* Fix TypedDict inherit-non-class false-positive Python 3.9+
* Fix issue with nested PEP 585 syntax
* Fix issue with nested PEP 604 syntax
* Fix a crash in `undefined-variable` caused by chained attributes in metaclass
* Fix false positive for `not-async-context-manager` when \ 
`contextlib.asynccontextmanager` is used
* Fix linter multiprocessing pool shutdown (triggered warnings when runned in \ 
parallels with other pytest plugins)
* Fix a false-positive emission of `no-self-use` and `unused-argument` for methods
  of generic structural types (`Protocol[T]`)
* Fix bug that lead to duplicate messages when using ``--jobs 2`` or more.
* Adds option ``check-protected-access-in-special-methods`` in the ClassChecker \ 
to activate/deactivate
  ``protected-access`` message emission for single underscore prefixed attribute \ 
in special methods.
* Fix vulnerable regular expressions in ``pyreverse``
* ``inconsistent-return-statements`` message is now emitted if one of \ 
``try/except`` statement
  is not returning explicitly while the other do.
* Fix ``useless-super-delegation`` false positive when default keyword argument \ 
is a dictionnary.
* Fix a crash when a specified config file does not exist
* Add support to ``ignored-argument-names`` in DocstringParameterChecker and \ 
adds `useless-param-doc` and `useless-type-doc` messages.
* Enforce docparams consistently when docstring is not present
* Fix ``duplicate-code`` false positive when lines only contain whitespace and \ 
non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. parentheses, bracket, comman, etc.)
* Improve lint message for `singleton-comparison` with bools
* Fix spell-checker crash on indented docstring lines that look like # comments
* Fix AttributeError in checkers/
* Improve sphinx directives spelling filter
* Fix a bug with postponed evaluation when using aliases for annotations.
* Fix minor documentation issues
* Improve the performance of the line length check.
* Removed incorrect deprecation of ``inspect.getfullargspec``
* Fix ``signature-differs`` false positive for functions with variadics
* Fix a crash in `consider-using-enumerate` when encountering `range()` without \ 
* `len-as-conditions` is now triggered only for classes that are inheriting \ 
directly from list, dict, or set and not implementing the `__bool__` function, \ 
or from generators like range or list/dict/set comprehension. This should reduce \ 
the false positives for other classes, like pandas's DataFrame or numpy's Array.
* Fixes duplicate-errors not working with -j2+
* `generated-members` now matches the qualified name of members
* Add check for bool function to `len-as-condition`
* Add `simplifiable-condition` check for extraneous constants in conditionals \ 
using and/or.
* Add `condition-evals-to-constant` check for conditionals using and/or that \ 
evaluate to a constant.
* Changed to work with [distlib](
* New check: ``consider-using-generator``
  This check warns when a comprehension is used inside an `any` or `all` function,
  since it is unnecessary and should be replaced by a generator instead.
  Using a generator would be less code and way faster.
* Add Github Actions to replace Travis and AppVeyor in the future