Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/grafana
Date: 2021-02-26 11:12:41
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Log Message:
grafana: Update to 7.4.3

upstream changes:
Release notes for Grafana 7.4.3
Bug fixes
  o AdHocVariables: Fixes crash when values are stored as numbers. #31382,
  o DashboardLinks: Fix an issue where the dashboard links were causing a full
    page reload. #31334, @torkelo
  o Elasticsearch: Fix query initialization logic & query transformation from
    Prometheus/Loki. #31322, @Elfo404
  o QueryEditor: Fix disabling queries in dashboards. #31336, @gabor
  o Streaming: Fix an issue with the time series panel and streaming data
    source when scrolling back from being out of view. #31431, @torkelo
  o Table: Fix an issue regarding the fixed min and auto max values in bar
    gauge cell. #31316, @torkelo

Release notes for Grafana 7.4.2
Features and enhancements
  o Explore: Do not show non queryable data sources in data source picker.
    #31144, @torkelo
  o Snapshots: Do not allow an anonymous user to create snapshots. #31263,
Bug fixes
  o CloudWatch: Ensure empty query row errors are not passed to the panel.
    #31172, @sunker
  o DashboardLinks: Fix the links that always cause a full page to reload.
    #31178, @torkelo
  o DashboardListPanel: Fix issue with folder picker always showing All and
    using old form styles. #31160, @torkelo
  o IPv6: Support host address configured with enclosing square brackets.
    #31226, @aknuds1
  o Permissions: Fix team and role permissions on folders/dashboards not
    displayed for non Grafana Admin users. #31132, @AgnesToulet
  o Postgres: Fix timeGroup macro converts long intervals to invalid numbers
    when TimescaleDB is enabled. #31179, @kurokochin
  o Prometheus: Fix enabling of disabled queries when editing in dashboard.
    #31055, @ivanahuckova
  o QueryEditors: Fix an issue that happens after moving queries then editing
    would update other queries. #31193, @torkelo
  o SqlDataSources: Fix the Show Generated SQL button in query editors. #31236,
  o StatPanels: Fix an issue where the palette color scheme is not cleared when
    loading panel. #31126, @torkelo
  o Variables: Add the default option back for the data source variable.
    #31208, @hugohaggmark
  o Variables: Fix missing empty elements from regex filters. #31156,

Release notes for Grafana 7.4.1
Features and enhancements
  o Influx: Make max series limit configurable and show the limiting message if
    applied. #31025, @aocenas
  o Make value mappings correctly interpret numeric-like strings. #30893,
  o Variables: Adds queryparam formatting option. #30858, @hugohaggmark
Bug fixes
  o Alerting: Fixes so notification channels are properly deleted. #31040,
  o BarGauge: Improvements to value sizing and table inner width calculations.
    #30990, @torkelo
  o DashboardLinks: Fixes crash when link has no title. #31008, @hugohaggmark
  o Elasticsearch: Fix alias field value not being shown in query editor.
    #30992, @Elfo404
  o Elasticsearch: Fix log row context errors. #31088, @Elfo404
  o Elasticsearch: Show Size setting for raw_data metric. #30980, @Elfo404
  o Graph: Fixes so graph is shown for non numeric time values. #30972,
  o Logging: Ignore ‘file already closed’ error when closing file. #31119,
  o Plugins: Fix plugin signature validation for manifest v2 on Windows.
    #31045, @wbrowne
  o TextPanel: Fixes so panel title is updated when variables change. #30884,
  o Transforms: Fixes Outer join issue with duplicate field names not getting
    the same unique field names as before. #31121, @torkelo