Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/vim-share
From: Daniel Horecki
Date: 2021-02-28 01:23:37
Message id:

Log Message:
update to version 8.2.2557.

8.2.2128  there is no way to do something on CTRL-Z
8.2.2129  MS-Windows: Checking if a file name is absolute is slow
8.2.2130  Insert mode completion messages end up in message history
8.2.2131  Vim9: crash when lambda uses same var as assignment
8.2.2132  padding not drawn properly for popup window with title
8.2.2133  Vim9: checking for a non-empty string is too strict
8.2.2134  Vim9: get E1099 when autocmd triggered in builtin function
8.2.2135  Vim9: #{ still seen as start of dict in some places
8.2.2136  Vim9: Using uninitialized variable
8.2.2137  Vim9: :echo and :execute give error for empty argument
8.2.2138  Vim9: "exit_cb" causes Vim to exit
8.2.2139  Vim9: unreachable code in assignment
8.2.2140  build failure with tiny features
8.2.2141  user command with try/catch may not catch an expression error
8.2.2142  memory leak when heredoc is not terminated
8.2.2143  Vim9: dead code in compiling :unlet
8.2.2144  Vim9: some corner cases not tested
8.2.2145  Vim9: concatenating lists does not adjust type of result
8.2.2146  Vim9: automatic conversion of number to string for dict key
8.2.2147  quickfix window title not updated in all tab pages
8.2.2148  Vim9: crash when user command doesn't match
8.2.2149  popupwin test for latin1 sometimes fails
8.2.2150  Github actions CI isn't used for all available platforms
8.2.2151  $dir not expanded when configure checks for moonjit
8.2.2152  screenpos() does not include the WinBar offset
8.2.2153  popupwin test for latin1 still fails sometimes
8.2.2154  popupwin test for terminal buffer fails sometimes
8.2.2155  warning from Github actions for code analysis
8.2.2156  Github actions run on pusing a tag
8.2.2157  Vim9: can delete a Vim9 script variable from a function
8.2.2158  CI on cirrus times out, coveralls doesn't always run
8.2.2159  Vim9: when declaring a list it is not allocated yet
8.2.2160  various typos
8.2.2161  arguments -T and -x not tested yet
8.2.2162  Vim9: Cannot load or store autoload variables
8.2.2163  crash when discarded exception is the current exception
8.2.2164  Vim9: autoload function doesn't work in uppercased script
8.2.2165  Vim9: assignment to dict member does not work
8.2.2166  auto format doesn't work when deleting text
8.2.2167  Vim9: assign test fails
8.2.2168  Vim9: error for assigning to dict of dict
8.2.2169  Vim9: test leaves file behind
8.2.2170  Vim9: a global function defined in a :def function fails
8.2.2171  valgrind warning for using uninitialized value
8.2.2172  Vim9: number of arguments is not always checked
8.2.2173  Vim9: get internal error when assigning to undefined variable
8.2.2174  Mac version doesn't specify the CPU architecture
8.2.2175  github actions: clang-11 handling suboptimal
8.2.2176  crash with a sequence of fold commands
8.2.2177  pattern "^" does not match if first character is combining
8.2.2178  Python 3: non-utf8 character cannot be handled
8.2.2179  Vim9: crash when indexing a dict with a number
8.2.2180  Vim9: test for error after error is flaky
8.2.2181  valgrind warnings for using uninitialized value
8.2.2182  Vim9: value of 'magic' is still relevant
8.2.2183  Vim9: value of 'edcompatible' and 'gdefault' are used
8.2.2184  Vim9: no error when using "2" for a line number
8.2.2185  BufUnload is not triggered for the quickfix dummy buffer
8.2.2186  Vim9: error when using 'opfunc'
8.2.2187  Python 3 test fails sometimes
8.2.2188  Vim9: crash when calling global function from :def function
8.2.2189  cannot repeat a command that uses the small delete register
8.2.2190  Vim9: crash when compiled with EXITFREE
8.2.2191  Vim9: using wrong name with lambda in nested function
8.2.2192  Codecov on github actions fails
8.2.2193  Vim9: can change constant in :def function
8.2.2194  Vim9: cannot use :const or :final at the script level
8.2.2195  failing tests for :const
8.2.2196  :version output has extra spaces in compile and link command
8.2.2197  assert arguments order reversed
8.2.2198  ml_get error when resizing window and using text property
8.2.2199  first write after setting 'eol' does not have NL added
8.2.2200  Vim9: lambda without white space around -> is confusing
8.2.2201  write file test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2202  write file test still fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2203  Moodle gift files are not recognized
8.2.2204  Vim9: using -> both for method and lambda is confusing
8.2.2205  Vim9: memory leak when parsing lambda fails
8.2.2206  :exe command line completion only works for first argument
8.2.2207  illegal memory access if popup menu items are changed
8.2.2208  Vim9: after reloading a script variable index may be invalid
8.2.2209  Vim9: return type of => lambda not parsed
8.2.2210  Vim9: allocating a type to set TTFLAG_BOOL_OK
8.2.2211  MS-Windows: can't load Python dll if not in the path
8.2.2212  Vim9: lambda with => does not work at the script level
8.2.2213  checking white space around -> is not backwards compatible
8.2.2214  ":e#" does not give a warning for missing white space
8.2.2215  Vim9: `=expr` not recognized in global command
8.2.2216  Vim9: range with missing colon can be hard to spot
8.2.2217  Vim9: command modifiers not restored in catch block
8.2.2218  Vim9: failure if passing more args to lambda than expected
8.2.2219  Vim9: method call with expression not supported
8.2.2220  Vim9: memory leak when parsing nested parenthesis
8.2.2221  if <Down> is mapped on the command line 'wildchar' is \ 
8.2.2222  Vim9: cannot keep script variables when reloading
8.2.2223  Vim9: Reloading marks a :def function as deleted
8.2.2224  Vim9: crash if script reloaded with different variable type
8.2.2225  Vim9: error when using :import in legacy script twice
8.2.2226  Vim9: script test fails
8.2.2227  Vim9: recognizing lambda is too complicated
8.2.2228  Vim9: cannot use ":e #" because # starts a comment
8.2.2229  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.2230  Vim9: insert completion runs into error
8.2.2231  when "--remote file" is used "file" is not reloaded
8.2.2232  compiler error for falling through into next case
8.2.2233  cannot convert a byte index into a character index
8.2.2234  command line wildmenu test often fails with Unix GUI
8.2.2235  build failure with some Ruby versions
8.2.2236  'scroll' option can change when setting the statusline
8.2.2237  CI on Mac fails in sed command
8.2.2238  Vim9: cannot load a Vim9 script without the +eval feature
8.2.2239  Vim9: concatenating lines with backslash is inconvenient
8.2.2240  clientserver test fails if full path is used
8.2.2241  Build with Ruby and clang may fail
8.2.2242  Vim9: bar line continuation does not work at script level
8.2.2243  crash when popup mask contains zeroes
8.2.2244  crash when making the window width negative
8.2.2245  Vim9: return value of winrestcmd() cannot be executed
8.2.2246  cursor keys not recognized at the hit-Enter prompt
8.2.2247  VMS: various smaller problems
8.2.2248  ASAN error on exit with GUI
8.2.2249  termcodes test is flaky when used over ssh
8.2.2250  Vim9: sublist is ambiguous
8.2.2251  test failures in legacy script
8.2.2252  Vim9: crash when using lambda without return type in dict
8.2.2253  Vim9: expr test fails
8.2.2254  Vim9: bool option type is number
8.2.2255  Tcl test fails
8.2.2256  Vim9: cannot use function( after line break in :def function
8.2.2257  Vim9: using -> for lambda is ambiguous
8.2.2258  not all OCaml related files are detected
8.2.2259  Test_Executable() fails when using chroot
8.2.2260  window resize test fails in very wide terminal
8.2.2261  Vim9: boolean option gets string type
8.2.2262  Vim9: converting bool to string prefixes v:
8.2.2263  Vim9: compilation error with try-catch in skipped block
8.2.2264  Vim9: no error for mismatched :endfunc or :enddef
8.2.2265  error message for missing endfunc/enddef is last line
8.2.2266  Vim9: it can be hard to see where white space is missing
8.2.2267  Vim9: cannot use unlet for a dict member
8.2.2268  Vim9: list unpack seen as declaration
8.2.2269  not all :hardcopy code covered by tests
8.2.2270  warning for size_t to int conversion
8.2.2271  ml_get error when changing hidden buffer in Python
8.2.2272  Vim9: extend() can violate the type of a variable
8.2.2273  build failure
8.2.2274  badge for Travis is outdated
8.2.2275  CTRL-C not recognized in Mintty
8.2.2276  list of distributed files is outdated
8.2.2277  missing backslash
8.2.2278  falling back to old regexp engine can some patterns
8.2.2279  Vim9: memory leak with catch in skipped block
8.2.2280  fuzzy matching doesn't give access to the scores
8.2.2281  Vim9: compiled "wincmd" cannot be followed by bar
8.2.2282  length check mismatch with argument of strncmp()
8.2.2283  Vim9: crash when lambda has fewer arguments than expected
8.2.2284  Vim9: cannot set an option to a boolean value
8.2.2285  Vim9: cannot set an option to a false
8.2.2286  sort test fails when locale is Canadian English
8.2.2287  sort test fails when locale is French Canadian
8.2.2288  Vim9: line break and comment not always skipped
8.2.2289  Vim9: 'cpo' can become empty
8.2.2290  Vim9: unlet of global variable cannot be compiled
8.2.2291  Vim9: cannot use "null" for v:null
8.2.2292  Vim: expr test fails
8.2.2293  build failure with Motif
8.2.2294  VMS: a few remaining problems
8.2.2295  incsearch does not detect empty pattern properly
8.2.2296  cannot use CTRL-N and CTRL-P in a popup menu
8.2.2297  Vim9: cannot set 'number' to a boolean value
8.2.2298  Vim9: comment right after "(" of function not recognized
8.2.2299  Vim9: invalid memory access making error message flaky
8.2.2300  Vim9: wrong order on type stack when using dict
8.2.2301  Vim9: cannot unlet a dict or list item
8.2.2302  Vim9: using an option value may use uninitialized memory
8.2.2303  Vim9: backtick expansion doesn't work for :foldopen
8.2.2304  Vim9: no test for unletting an imported variable
8.2.2305  Vim9: "++var" and "--var" are silently accepted
8.2.2306  Vim9: when using function reference type is not checked
8.2.2307  a shell command in the vimrc causes terminal output
8.2.2308  Vim9: no error when assigning lambda to funcref
8.2.2309  0o777 not recognized as octal
8.2.2310  Vim9: winsaveview() return type is too generic
8.2.2311  Vim9: cannot assign to variable that shadows command modifier
8.2.2312  build failure with Ruby 3.0 and 32 bits
8.2.2313  Vim9: using uninitialized field when parsing range
8.2.2314  Vim9: returning zero takes two instructions
8.2.2315  Vim9: "enddef" as dict key misintepreted as function end
8.2.2316  Vim9: cannot list a lambda function
8.2.2317  Vim9: command modifier before list unpack doesn't work
8.2.2318  Vim9: string and list index work differently
8.2.2319  "exptype_T" can be read as "expected type"
8.2.2320  Vim9: no error for comparing bool with string
8.2.2321  Vim9: cannot nest closures
8.2.2322  Vim9: closure nested limiting to one level
8.2.2323  Vim9: error when inferring type from empty dict/list
8.2.2324  not easy to get mark en cursor position by character count
8.2.2325  Vim9: crash if map() changes the item type
8.2.2326  build error with +eval feature but without +spell
8.2.2327  debugging code included
8.2.2328  some test files may not be deleted
8.2.2329  not all ways Vim can be started are tested
8.2.2330  Vim9: crash when using :trow in a not executed block
8.2.2331  Vim9: wrong error when modifying dict declared with :final
8.2.2332  Vim9: missing :endif not reported when using :windo
8.2.2333  Vim9: warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.2334  Pascal-like filetypes not always detected
8.2.2335  Vim9: "silent return" does not restore command modifiers
8.2.2336  Vim9: not possible to extend dictionary with different type
8.2.2337  configure test for GTK only says "no"
8.2.2338  Vim9: no error if using job_info() result wrongly
8.2.2339  cannot get the type of a value as a string
8.2.2340  win_execute() unexpectedly returns number zero when failing
8.2.2341  expression command line completion incomplete after "g:"
8.2.2342  "char" functions may return wrong column in Insert mode
8.2.2343  Vim9: return type of readfile() is any
8.2.2344  using inclusive index for slice is not always desired
8.2.2345  no focus events in a terminal
8.2.2346  Codecov reports every little coverage drop
8.2.2347  build failure without GUI
8.2.2348  no check for modified files after focus gained
8.2.2349  Vim9: cannot handle line break after parenthesis at line end
8.2.2350  using "void" for no reason
8.2.2351  Vim9: error msg for "throw" in function called with \ 
8.2.2352  if focus lost/gained is received twice code is not ignored
8.2.2353  spartql files are not detected
8.2.2354  crash with a weird combination of autocommands
8.2.2355  stray test failure on Appveyor
8.2.2356  Vim9: ":put =expr" does not handle a list properly
8.2.2357  Vim9: crash when parsing function return type fails
8.2.2358  wrong #ifdef for use_xterm_like_mouse()
8.2.2359  strange test failure with MS-Windows
8.2.2360  test leaves file behind
8.2.2361  Vim9: no highlight for "s///gc" when using 'opfunc'
8.2.2362  Vim9: check of builtin function argument type is incomplete
8.2.2363  curpos() does not accept a string argument as before
8.2.2364  Vim9: line break in lambda accesses freed memory
8.2.2365  Vim9: no check for map() changing item type at script level
8.2.2366  when using ":sleep" the cursor is always displayed
8.2.2367  test failures on some less often used systems
8.2.2368  insufficient tests for setting options
8.2.2369  Vim9: functions return true/false but can't be used as bool
8.2.2370  Vim9: command fails in catch block
8.2.2371  Vim9: crash when using types in :for with unpack
8.2.2372  confusing error message for wrong :let command
8.2.2373  Vim9: list assignment only accepts a number index
8.2.2374  accessing uninitialized memory in test_undo
8.2.2375  test for RGB color skipped in the terminal
8.2.2376  Vim9: crash when dividing by zero in compiled code
8.2.2377  Vim9: crash when using a range after another expression
8.2.2378  Vim9: no error message for dividing by zero
8.2.2379  do spell suggestions twice if 'spellsuggest' contains number
8.2.2380  Vim9: occasional crash when using try/catch and a timer
8.2.2381  Vim9: divide by zero does not abort expression execution
8.2.2382  build failure
8.2.2383  focus escape sequences are not named
8.2.2384  turtle filetype not recognized
8.2.2385  "gj" and "gk" do not work correctly when inside a fold
8.2.2386  Vim9: crash when using ":silent! put"
8.2.2387  runtime type check does not mention argument index
8.2.2388  no easy way to get the maximum or mininum number value
8.2.2389  test failure on a few systems
8.2.2390  Vim9: using positive offset is unexpected
8.2.2391  memory leak when creating a global function with closure
8.2.2392  fennel filetype not recognized
8.2.2393  Vim9: error message when script line starts with "[{"
8.2.2394  Vim9: min() and max() return type is "any"
8.2.2395  Vim9: error for wrong type may report wrong line number
8.2.2396  Vim9: no white space allowed before "->"
8.2.2397  Vim9: "%%" not seen as alternate file name for ":bdel"
8.2.2398  method test fails
8.2.2399  fold test fails in wide terminal
8.2.2400  Vim9: compiled functions are not profiled
8.2.2401  build fails without +profiling feature
8.2.2402  some filetypes not detected
8.2.2403  Vim9: profiling if/elseif/endif not correct
8.2.2404  Vim9: profiling try/catch not correct
8.2.2405  Vim9: no need to allow white space before "(" for :def
8.2.2406  Vim9: profiled :def function leaks memory
8.2.2407  old jumplist code is never used
8.2.2408  MinGW: "--preprocessor" flag no longer supported
8.2.2409  Vim9: profiling only works for one function
8.2.2410  build failure without the +profiling feature
8.2.2411  profile test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2412  not all fields in "cstack" are initialized
8.2.2413  crash when using :all while using a cmdline window
8.2.2414  using freed memory when closing the cmdline window
8.2.2415  no way to check for the cmdwin feature
8.2.2416  may get stuck in command line window state
8.2.2417  condition stack values may be used when not set
8.2.2418  color not changed if ModeMsg highlight is set in InsertEnter
8.2.2419  autocmd test was failing on MS-Windows with GUI
8.2.2420  too many problems with using all autocommand events
8.2.2421  double free when using autocommand with "argdel"
8.2.2422  crash when deleting with line number out of range
8.2.2423  missing error message
8.2.2424  some tests are known to cause an error with ASAN
8.2.2425  cursor on invalid line with range and :substitute
8.2.2426  allowing 'completefunc' to switch windows causes trouble
8.2.2427  can still switch windows for 'completefunc'
8.2.2428  FocusGained does not work when 'ttymouse' is empty
8.2.2429  :goto does not work correctly with text properties
8.2.2430  :vimgrep expands wildcards twice
8.2.2431  warning for -fno-strength-reduce with Clang 11
8.2.2432  libvterm tests are executed even when libtool doesn't work
8.2.2433  opening cmdline window gives error in BufLeave autocommand
8.2.2434  Vim9: no error when compiling str2nr() with a number
8.2.2435  setline() gives an error for some types
8.2.2436  Vim9 script test is a bit flaky
8.2.2437  deprecation warnings with default configuration
8.2.2438  out of bounds compiler warning
8.2.2439  not easy to figure out what packages to get
8.2.2440  documentation based on patches is outdated
8.2.2441  Vim9: extend() does not give an error for a type mismatch
8.2.2442  automatic GUI selection does not check for GTK 3
8.2.2443  Vim9: no compile time error for wrong str2float argument
8.2.2444  Vim9: compile error with combination of operator and list
8.2.2445  Vim9: no proper error for lambda missing return type
8.2.2446  setting 'term' empty has different error if compiled with GUI
8.2.2447  'foldlevel' not applied to folds restored from session
8.2.2448  compilation error with Ruby 3.0
8.2.2449  Vim9: flatten() always changes the list type
8.2.2450  MS-Windows: ADS was not preserved if 'backupcopy' is "yes"
8.2.2451  MS-Windows: Extended Attributes not preserved
8.2.2452  no completion for the 'filetype' option
8.2.2453  Vim9: a variable name with "->" in the next line \ 
doesn't work
8.2.2454  leading space can not be made visible
8.2.2455  Vim9: key type for literal dict and indexing is inconsistent
8.2.2456  Coverity warning for strcpy() into fixed size array
8.2.2457  Coverity warns for memory leak
8.2.2458  Coverity warns for :retab using freed memory
8.2.2459  Coverity reports dead code
8.2.2460  Coverity warns for unused value
8.2.2461  Coverity warns for unchecked return value
8.2.2462  Coverity warns for not checking for fseek() error
8.2.2463  using :arglocal in an autocommand may use freed memory
8.2.2464  using freed memory if window closed in autocommand
8.2.2465  using freed memory in :psearch
8.2.2466  max() and min() can give many error messages
8.2.2467  script generated by :mkview changes alternate file
8.2.2468  not easy to get the full command name from a shortened one
8.2.2469  confusing error if :winsize has a wrong argument
8.2.2470  popup_getoptions() does not get textprop from other tab
8.2.2471  popup_setoptions() does not set textprop in other tab
8.2.2472  crash when using command line window in an autocommand
8.2.2473  crash when leaving command line window triggers autocommand
8.2.2474  using freed memory when window is closed by autocommand
8.2.2475  autocommand tests hangs on MS-Windows
8.2.2476  using freed memory when splitting window while closing buffer
8.2.2477  autocommand tests hang on MS-Windows
8.2.2478  MS-Windows: backup files for plugins are loaded
8.2.2479  set/getbufline test fails without the job feature
8.2.2480  Vim9: some errors for white space do not show context
8.2.2481  Vim9: confusing error when variable arguments have default
8.2.2482  build error
8.2.2483  Vim9: type error for misformed expression
8.2.2484  Vim9: Cannot use a comment starting with #{
8.2.2485  when sourcing a script again the script version isn't reset
8.2.2486  Vim9: some errors for white space do not show context
8.2.2487  terminal shows garbage after double-wide character
8.2.2488  json_encode() gives generic argument error
8.2.2489  current buffer is wrong after deletebufline() fails
8.2.2490  'wrap' option is always reset when starting diff mode
8.2.2491  popup window for text property may show in first screen line
8.2.2492  command line buffer name cannot be translated
8.2.2493  text property for text left of window shows up
8.2.2494  ":rviminfo!" clears most of oldfiles
8.2.2495  text jumps up and down when moving the cursor
8.2.2496  insufficien testing for text jumping fix
8.2.2497  no error when using more than one character for a register
8.2.2498  no test for what 8.2.2494 fixes
8.2.2499  "vim -g --version" does not redirect output
8.2.2500  build fails without the GUI feature
8.2.2501  not always clear where an error is reported
8.2.2502  a few github actions are failing
8.2.2503  Vim9: a caught error may leave something on the stack
8.2.2504  Vim9: crash when using an argument from a closure
8.2.2505  Vim9: crash after defining function with invalid return type
8.2.2506  Vim9: :continue does not work correctly in a :try block
8.2.2507  github build may fail if Ubuntu 20.04 is used
8.2.2508  cannot change the character displayed in non existing lines
8.2.2509  tests fail on s390 build
8.2.2510  internal error when popup with mask is zero height or width
8.2.2511  Vim9: cannot use Vim9 script syntax in some places
8.2.2512  Vim9: compiling error test sometimes fails
8.2.2513  Vim9: missing part of :vim9cmd change
8.2.2514  Vim9: build error in tiny version
8.2.2515  memory access error when truncating an empty message
8.2.2516  test failure on s390
8.2.2517  Vim9: fix for s390 not tested on other systems
8.2.2518  'listchars' should be window-local
8.2.2519  Vim9: no reason to keep strange Vi behavior
8.2.2520  missing tests for 'listchars'
8.2.2521  some compilers can't handle pointer initialization
8.2.2522  Beancount filetype not recognized
8.2.2523  Svelte filetype not recognized
8.2.2524  cannot change the characters displayed in the foldcolumn
8.2.2525  Vim9: only local variables checked for a name
8.2.2526  build failure
8.2.2527  Vim9: lambda return type is not determined at script level
8.2.2528  Vim9: crash when compiling lambda fails
8.2.2529  Vim9: Not possible to use legacy and Vim9 script in one file
8.2.2530  Vim9: not enough testing for profiling
8.2.2531  Vim9: the :k command is obscure
8.2.2532  Vim9: confusing error if :k is used with a range
8.2.2533  Vim9: cannot use a range with :unlet
8.2.2534  missing test coverage
8.2.2535  MS-Windows: cannot run all vim9 tests
8.2.2536  Coverity complains about unchecked return value
8.2.2537  Vim9: crash when map() fails
8.2.2538  crash when using Python list iterator
8.2.2539  Vim9: return from finally block causes a hang
8.2.2540  Vim9: no error for using script var name for argument
8.2.2541  popup_create() does not allow boolean for "cursorline"
8.2.2542  highlight of char beyond line end is not correct
8.2.2543  Vim9: a return inside try/catch does not restore properly
8.2.2544  Vim9: error for argument when checking for lambda
8.2.2545  errors and crash when terminal window is zero height
8.2.2546  typo in mouse key name
8.2.2547  "%" command not accurate for big files
8.2.2548  may get stuck in the cmdline window using :normal
8.2.2549  crash after using "g:" in a for loop
8.2.2550  signal stack size is wrong with latest glibc 2.34
8.2.2551  MS-Windows: colors test file is not installed
8.2.2552  Vim9: no reason to consider "{{{{{{{{" a command
8.2.2553  Vim9: Cannot put "|" after "{"
8.2.2554  Vim9: exporting a final is not tested
8.2.2555  Vim9: missing test for 8.2.2553
8.2.2556  Vim9: :import with "as" not fully supported
8.2.2557  compiler warning for shadowd variable