Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/feathernotes
From: pin
Date: 2021-03-11 09:10:58
Message id:

Log Message:
editors/feathernotes: update to 0.9.0

Main changes:
● Added cmake support (besides qmake).
● Added support for the recently opened files.
● Fixed the bugs of searching and replacing in all nodes.
● Go to the last active node when starting with the last opened note.
● Improvements and fixes to custom background and foreground colors. (if a
note is created with this version, the bg/fg colors of existing nodes will
change on the fly.)
● Prevented Qt from giving rich text to the selection clipboard.
● Prevented the transference of password (or lack of it) from one note to
another in rare cases.
● Prevented the transference of font settings from an opened note to a newly
created one.
● Allowed changing of the horizontal alignment of tables.
● Workaround for KDE's Plasma tray tooltip.
● Instead of eliding texts, show the horizontal scrollbar in the side-pane
when needed.
● Require Qt5.12.
● Small fixes to smooth scrolling and link opening.