Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/ruby-nokogiri
From: Izumi Tsutsui
Date: 2021-03-19 17:52:25
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Log Message:
ruby-nokogiri: update to 1.11.2.

Upstream changelog (from

1.11.2 / 2021-03-11


  * [CRuby] NodeSet may now safely contain Node objects from multiple
    documents. Previously the GC lifecycle of the parent Document objects could
    lead to nodes being GCed while still in scope. [#1952]
  * [CRuby] Patch libxml2 to avoid "huge input lookup" errors on large \ 
    elements. (See upstream GNOME/libxml2#200 and GNOME/libxml2!100.) [#2132].
  * [CRuby+Windows] Enable Nokogumbo (and other downstream gems) to compile and
    link against by including LDFLAGS in Nokogiri::VERSION_INFO. [#
  * [CRuby] {XML,HTML}::Document.parse now invokes #initialize exactly once.
    Previously #initialize was invoked twice on each object.
  * [JRuby] {XML,HTML}::Document.parse now invokes #initialize exactly once.
    Previously #initialize was not called, which was a problem for subclassing
    such as done by Loofah.


  * Reduce the number of object allocations needed when parsing an
    HTML::DocumentFragment. [#2087] (Thanks, @ashmaroli!)
  * [JRuby] Update the algorithm used to calculate Node#line to be wrong
    less-often. The underlying parser, Xerces, does not track line numbers, and
    so we've always used a hacky solution for this method. [#1223, #2177]
  * Introduce --enable-system-libraries and --disable-system-libraries flags to
    extconf.rb. These flags provide the same functionality as
    --use-system-libraries and the NOKOGIRI_USE_SYSTEM_LIBRARIES environment
    variable, but are more idiomatic. [#2193] (Thanks, @eregon!)
  * [TruffleRuby] --disable-static is now the default on TruffleRuby when the
    packaged libraries are used. This is more flexible and compiles faster.
    (Note, though, that the default on TR is still to use system libraries.) [#
    2191, #2193] (Thanks, @eregon!)


  * Nokogiri::XML::Path is now a Module (previously it has been a Class). It
    has been acting solely as a Module since v1.0.0. See 8461c74.