Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/ansible-base
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-04-13 11:16:34
Message id:

Log Message:
ansible-base: updated to 2.10.8


Minor Changes
- module payload builder - module_utils imports in any nested block (eg, \ 
``try``, ``if``) are treated as optional during module payload builds; this \ 
allows modules to implement runtime fallback behavior for module_utils that do \ 
not exist in older versions of Ansible.

- Fix adding unrelated candidate names to the plugin loader redirect list.
- Strategy - When building the task in the Strategy from the Worker, ensure it \ 
is properly marked as finalized and squashed. Addresses an issue with \ 
``ansible_failed_task``. (
- ansible-test - The ``--export`` option for ``ansible-test coverage`` is now \ 
limited to the ``combine`` command. It was previously available for reporting \ 
commands on which it had no effect.
- ansible-test - The ``ansible-test coverage combine`` option ``--export`` now \ 
exports relative paths. This avoids loss of coverage data when aggregating \ 
across systems with different absolute paths. Paths will be converted back to \ 
absolute when generating reports.
- ansible-test - ensure unit test paths for connection and inventory plugins are \ 
correctly identified for collections \ 
- apt - fix policy_rc_d parameter throwing an exception when restoring original \ 
file (
- debug action - prevent setting facts when displaying ansible_facts \ 
- find - fix default pattern when use_regex is true \ 
- restrict module valid JSON parsed output to objects as lists are not valid \ 
- setup - fix error handling on bad subset given.
- setup, don't give up on all local facts gathering if one script file fails.
- su become plugin - ensure correct type for localization option \