Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/vim-share
From: Daniel Horecki
Date: 2021-04-23 08:31:35
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to 8.2.2800


8.2.2557  compiler warning for shadowd variable
8.2.2558  no error if a lambda argument shadows a variable
8.2.2559  MS-Windows: guifont test fails on Windows XP
8.2.2560  setting 'winminheigt' does not take tabline into account
8.2.2561  not all textprop code is covered by tests
8.2.2562  GUI: star register changed when 'clipboard is "unnamedplus"
8.2.2563  cannot use multibyte characters for folding in 'fillchars'
8.2.2564  focus events end Insert mode if 'esckeys' is not set
8.2.2565  Vim9: "..=" not always recognized
8.2.2566  Vim9: Function name is not recognized
8.2.2567  Vim9: no error if variable is defined for existing function
8.2.2568  second time a preview popup is opened highlight is not set
8.2.2569  'fillchars' "stl" and "stlnc" items must be single byte
8.2.2570  tests fail when run as root
8.2.2571  test may leave file behind
8.2.2572  Vim9: crash when getting the types for a legacy function
8.2.2573  Vim9: using invalid pointer for error message
8.2.2574  Vim9: crash when calling partial with wrong function
8.2.2575  Vim9: a function name with "->" in the next line \ 
doesn't work
8.2.2576  Vim9: defining a :func function checks for white space
8.2.2577  compiler warning for type conversion
8.2.2578  Lua cannot handle a passed in lambda
8.2.2579  Vim9: crash in garbagecollect after for loop
8.2.2580  Vim9: checking vararg type may be wrong
8.2.2581  Vim9: sourcing Vim9 script triggers a redraw
8.2.2582  Vim9: screendump test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2583  Vim9: cannot compare result of getenv() with null
8.2.2584  Vim9: type error for assigning "any" to a list
8.2.2585  Vim9: illegal memory access
8.2.2586  process id may be invalid
8.2.2587  recover test fails on FreeBSD
8.2.2588  build failure with tiny features
8.2.2589  recover test hangs in the GUI
8.2.2590  Vim9: default argument value may cause internal error
8.2.2591  Poke files are not recognized
8.2.2592  code coverage could be improved
8.2.2593  list of distributed files is incomplete
8.2.2594  alternate buffer added to session file even when it's hidden
8.2.2595  setting 'winminheight' may cause 'lines' to change
8.2.2596  :doautocmd may confuse scripts listening to WinEnter
8.2.2597  Vim9: "import * as" does not work at script level
8.2.2598  Vim9: :open does not need to be supported
8.2.2599  build failure
8.2.2600  Vim9: crash when putting an unknown type in a dictionary
8.2.2601  memory usage test often fails on FreeBSD
8.2.2602  Vim9: continue doesn't work if :while is very first command
8.2.2603  Vim9: no effect if user command is also a function
8.2.2604  GUI-specific command line arguments not tested
8.2.2605  Vim9: string index and slice does not include composing chars
8.2.2606  strchars() defaults to counting composing characters
8.2.2607  strcharpart() cannot include composing characters
8.2.2608  character input not fully tested
8.2.2609  test disabled on MS-Windows even though it should work
8.2.2610  mouse click test fails when using remote connection
8.2.2611  conditions for startup tests are not exactly right
8.2.2612  col('.') may get outdated column value
8.2.2613  new test throws exception
8.2.2614  Vim9: function is deleted while executing
8.2.2615  test is sourcing the wrong file
8.2.2616  Vim9: if 'cpo' is changed in Vim9 script it may be restored
8.2.2617  Vim9: script variable in block not found by function
8.2.2618  Vim9: cannot use a normal list name to store function refs
8.2.2619  Vim9: no test for return type of lambda
8.2.2620  Vim9: Using #{ for a dictionary gives strange errors
8.2.2621  typval2type() cannot handle recursive structures
8.2.2622  GTK: error when starting up and -geometry is given
8.2.2623  some tests fail when run as root
8.2.2624  atom files not recognized
8.2.2625  rss files not recognized
8.2.2626  GTK3: error when starting up and -geometry is given
8.2.2627  no need to check for BSD after checking for not root
8.2.2628  Vim9: #{ can still be used at the script level
8.2.2629  Vim9: error for #{{ is not desired
8.2.2630  hard to see where a test gets stuck
8.2.2631  commands from winrestcmd() do not always work properly
8.2.2632  not all command line arguments are tested
8.2.2633  multi-byte 'fillchars' for folding do not show properly
8.2.2634  'tagfunc' does not indicate using a pattern
8.2.2635  Vim9: cannot define an inline function
8.2.2636  memory leak when compiling inline function
8.2.2637  prop_remove() causes a redraw even when nothing changed
8.2.2638  cannot write a message to the terminal from the GUI
8.2.2639  build failure when fsync() is not available
8.2.2640  screenstring() returns non-existing composing characters
8.2.2641  display test fails because of lacking redraw
8.2.2642  Vim9: no clear error for wrong inline function
8.2.2643  various code not covered by tests
8.2.2644  prop_clear() causes a screen update even when nothing changed
8.2.2645  using inline function is not properly tested
8.2.2646  Vim9: error for not using string doesn't mentionargument
8.2.2647  terminal test sometimes hangs
8.2.2648  terminal resize test sometimes hangs
8.2.2649  Vim9: some wincmd arguments cause a white space error
8.2.2650  Vim9: command modifiers not handled in nested function
8.2.2651  Vim9: restoring command modifiers happens after jump
8.2.2652  Vim9: can use command modifier without an effect
8.2.2653  build failure
8.2.2654  Vim9: getting a character from a string can be slow
8.2.2655  The -w command line argument doesn't work
8.2.2656  some command line arguments and regexp errors not tested
8.2.2657  Vim9: error message for declaring variable in for loop
8.2.2658  :for cannot loop over a string
8.2.2659  eval test fails because for loop on string works
8.2.2660  Vim9: no error for declaration with trailing text
8.2.2661  leaking memory when looping over a string
8.2.2662  there is no way to avoid some escape sequences
8.2.2663  Vim9: leaking memory when inline function has an error
8.2.2664  Vim9: not enough function arguments checked for string
8.2.2665  test failures
8.2.2666  Vim9: not enough function arguments checked for string
8.2.2667  prop_find() cannot find item matching both id and type
8.2.2668  Vim9: omitting "call" for "confirm()" does not \ 
give an error
8.2.2669  command line completion does not work after "vim9"
8.2.2670  Vim9: error for append(0, text)
8.2.2671  error for line number in legacy script
8.2.2672  Vim9: cannot use :lockvar and :unlockvar in compiled script
8.2.2673  Vim9: script-local funcref can have lower case name
8.2.2674  Motif: cancelling the font dialog resets the font
8.2.2675  directory change in a terminal window shell is not followed
8.2.2676  missing error message
8.2.2677  Vim9: cannot use only some of the default arguments
8.2.2678  test for 'autoshelldir' does not reset the option
8.2.2679  status line missing for non-current window with winbar
8.2.2680  Vim9: problem defining a script variable from legacy function
8.2.2681  Vim9: test fails for redeclaring script variable
8.2.2682  Vim9: cannot find Name.Func from "import * as Name"
8.2.2683  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.2684  not enough folding code is tested
8.2.2685  custom statusline not drawn correctly with WinBar
8.2.2686  status line is not updated when going to cmdline mode
8.2.2687  Vim9: cannot use "const" for global variable in :def function
8.2.2688  Vim9: crash when using s: for script variable
8.2.2689  tiny build fails
8.2.2690  PowerShell files are not recognized
8.2.2691  autoconf may mess up compiler flags
8.2.2692  Vim9: locked script variable can be changed
8.2.2693  Vim9: locked script variable can be changed
8.2.2694  when 'matchpairs' is empty every character beeps
8.2.2695  cursor position reset with nested autocommands
8.2.2696  Lua test fails with Lua 5.4.3 and later
8.2.2697  function list test fails
8.2.2698  Lua test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.2699  Lua test fails
8.2.2700  nested autocmd test fails sometimes
8.2.2701  order of removing FORTIFY_SOURCE is wrong
8.2.2702  compiler completion test fails when more scripts are added
8.2.2703  Vim9: memory leak when failing on locked variable
8.2.2704  adding a lot of completions can be a bit slow
8.2.2705  Vim9: misleading reported line number for wrong type
8.2.2706  Vim9: wrong line number reported for boolean operator
8.2.2707  adding a lot of completions can still be a bit slow
8.2.2708  test sometimes fails waiting for shell in terminal
8.2.2709  the GTK GUI has a gap next to the scrollbar
8.2.2710  Vim9: not all tests cover script and :def function
8.2.2711  "gj" in a closed fold does not move out of the fold
8.2.2712  memory leak when adding to a blob fails
8.2.2713  folding code not sufficiently tested
8.2.2714  filetype pattern ending in star is too far up
8.2.2715  Vim9: tests fail without the channel feature
8.2.2716  the equivalent class regexp is missing some characters
8.2.2717  GTK menu items don't show a tooltip
8.2.2718  Vim9: no explicit test for using a global function without g:
8.2.2719  Vim9: appending to dict item doesn't work in a :def function
8.2.2720  GTK menu tooltip moves the cursor
8.2.2721  Vim9: cannot have a linebreak inside a lambda
8.2.2722  Vim9: crash when using LHS with double index
8.2.2723  assignment test fails
8.2.2724  Vim9: concatenating to list in dict not tested
8.2.2725  Vim9: message about compiling is wrong when using try/catch
8.2.2726  confusing error message with white space before comma
8.2.2727  function test fails
8.2.2728  special key names don't work if 'isident' is cleared
8.2.2729  Vim9: wrong error message for referring to legacy script var
8.2.2730  Coverity complains about not restoring character
8.2.2731  Mac: SF symbols are not displayed properly
8.2.2732  prompt for s///c in Ex mode can be wrong
8.2.2733  detecting Lua version is not reliable
8.2.2734  Vim9: cannot use legacy script-local var from :def function
8.2.2735  Vim9: function reference found with prefix, not without
8.2.2736  Vim9: for loop over string is a bit slow
8.2.2737  status line not updated when local 'statusline' option set
8.2.2738  extending a list with itself can give wrong result
8.2.2739  Vim9: a lambda accepts too many arguments at the script level
8.2.2740  Vim9: lambda with varargs doesn't work
8.2.2741  Vim9: Partial call does not check right arguments
8.2.2742  Vim9: when compiling a function fails it is cleared
8.2.2743  Vim9: function state stuck when compiling with ":silent!"
8.2.2744  Vim9: no way to explicitly ignore an argument
8.2.2745  Vim9: missing part of the argument change
8.2.2746  check for duplicate arguments does not work
8.2.2747  Vim9: not always an error for too many function arguments
8.2.2748  Vim9: memory leak when calling :def function fails
8.2.2749  Vim9: test for error can be a bit flaky
8.2.2750  Vim9: error for using underscore in nested function
8.2.2751  Coverity warns for using NULL pointer
8.2.2752  Coverity reports unreachable code
8.2.2753  Vim9: cannot ignore an item in assignment unpack
8.2.2754  :sleep! does not always hide the cursor
8.2.2755  Vim9: no error for using a number in a condition
8.2.2756  Vim9: blob index and slice not implemented yet
8.2.2757  Vim9: blob tests for legacy and Vim9 script are separate
8.2.2758  Vim9: wrong line number for autoload function with wrong name
8.2.2759  Vim9: for loop infers type of loop variable
8.2.2760  Vim9: no error for changing a for loop variable
8.2.2761  using "syn include" does not work properly
8.2.2762  Vim9: function line truncated when compiling
8.2.2763  Vim9: cannot use type in for loop unpack at script level
8.2.2764  memory leak when default function argument is allocated
8.2.2765  Vim9: not all blob operations work
8.2.2766  test failure
8.2.2767  compiler warning for unused argument
8.2.2768  Vim9: memory leak with blob range error
8.2.2769  Modula-3 config files are not recognized
8.2.2770  Vim9: type of loop variable is not used
8.2.2771  Vim9: assignment not recognized if declaration was skipped
8.2.2772  problems when restoring 'runtimepath' from a session file
8.2.2773  PSL filetype not recognized
8.2.2774  Vim9: cannot import an existing name even when using "as"
8.2.2775  Vim9: wrong line number used for some commands
8.2.2776  :mksession uses current value of 'splitbelow' and 'splitright'
8.2.2777  Vim9: blob operations not tested in all ways
8.2.2778  problem restoring 'packpath' in session
8.2.2779  memory access error in remove() for blob
8.2.2780  Vim9: for loop over blob doesn't work
8.2.2781  add() silently skips when adding to null list or blob
8.2.2782  Vim9: blob operations not fully tested
8.2.2783  duplicate code for setting byte in blob, blob test may fail
8.2.2784  Vim9: cannot use \=expr in :substitute
8.2.2785  Vim9: cannot redirect to local variable
8.2.2786  Vim9: memory leak when using :s with expression
8.2.2787  MS-Windows: crash when using :echoconsole
8.2.2788  Raku is now the only name what once was called perl6
8.2.2789  Vim9: using \=expr in :substitute does not handle jumps
8.2.2790  filetype test fails
8.2.2791  Vim9: memory leak when using \=expr in :substitute
8.2.2792  Vim9: :disas shows instructions for default args but no text
8.2.2793  MS-Windows: string literals are writable with MSVC
8.2.2794  Linux users don't know how to get ncurses
8.2.2795  Coverity warns for not using return value
8.2.2796  Vim9: redir to variable does not accept an index
8.2.2797  Search highlight disappears in the Visual area
8.2.2798  Vim9: redir to variable with append does not accept an index
8.2.2799  Vim9: type casts don't fully work at the script level
8,2.2800  after a timer displays text a hit-enter prompt is given