Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/hs-QuickCheck
From: Masatake Daimon
Date: 2021-04-23 12:46:52
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Log Message:
Update to QuickCheck-2.14.2

QuickCheck 2.14.2 (released 2020-11-14)
* Add Arbitrary instances for Tree (thanks to Oleg Grenrus)
* GHC 9.0 compatibility (thanks to Vilem-Benjamin Liepelt)

QuickCheck 2.14.1 (released 2020-07-05)
* Compatibility with random >= 1.2.

QuickCheck 2.14 (released 2020-03-28)
* QuickCheck is now much faster at generating test data!

  As a result, many properties can now be tested a lot faster; the
  examples distributed with QuickCheck run about twice as fast as
  before, for example. Of course, your mileage may vary.

  The reason for this is that there are now specialised versions of
  the 'choose' combinator for various types. These are: chooseInt,
  chooseInteger, chooseBoundedIntegral, and chooseEnum.  These
  combinators are identical to 'choose' but much faster.  All
  QuickCheck combinators, with the exception of 'choose' itself, use
  the new combinators behind the scenes.

  You should see a speedup without doing anything, but to get a
  further speedup, consider replacing any uses of 'choose' in your own
  generators with the new combinators.

  We are hoping that future releases of the 'random' library may speed
  up 'choose', in which case these combinators may no longer be

  Thanks to Oleg Grenrus for suggesting to bypass 'choose' for random
  number generation, and providing the appropriate primitive in his
  'splitmix' random number library.

* Smaller changes and bugfixes:
  - RecursivelyShrink and GSubterms are exported from
    Test.QuickCheck.Test (thanks to Tom Mortiboy).
  - Don't generate invalid unicode characters (thanks to Boris
  - When a call to 'within' fails, include the duration of the timeout
    in the failure report (thanks to William Rusnack).
  - In Gen, avoid splitting the seed in the implementation of >>, *>
    and <* (thanks to David Feuer).
  - Fix a couple of bugs with shrinking of floating-point numbers.
  - Export functionMapWith, functionEitherWith and functionPairWith
    from Test.QuickCheck.Function (thanks to Oleg Grenrus).
  - Remove redundant RealFloat constraint from Arbitrary/CoArbitrary
    instances for Complex (thanks to Bodigrim).