Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/emulators/qemu
Date: 2021-05-24 16:22:08
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qemu: Update to 6.0.0

* Add zstd dependency.

== System emulation ==

=== Incompatible changes ===

Consult the [ \ 
'Removed features' ] page for details of suggested replacement functionality

* The deprecated ''pc-1.0'', ''pc-1.1'', ''pc-1.2'' and ''pc-1.3'' machine types \ 
have been removed (they likely could not be used for live migration from old \ 
QEMU versions anymore anyway). Use a newer ''pc-i440fx-...'' machine type \ 
* TileGX emulation has been removed without replacement
* The ''change'' QMP command has been removed. Use ''blockdev-change-medium'' or \ 
''change-vnc-password'' instead.
* The ''-show-cursor'' option has been removed. Use ''-display \ 
sdl,show-cursor=on'' instead.
* The ''-realtime'' option has been removed. Use ''-overcommit mem-lock=on|off' \ 
* The ''-tb-size'' option has been removed. Use ''-accel tcg,tb-size=...'' instead.
* The configure script --enable/disable-git-update args have been replaced with \ 
* The ''-usbdevice audio'' option has been removed.  Use ''-device usb-audio'' \ 
* The ''-usbdevice ccid'' option has been removed with no replacement
* The ''-vnc'' parameter ''acl'' option, and ''acl_*'' monitor commands have \ 
been removed.
* The ''pretty'' option is no longer accepted when used with the human monitor
* The ''change'' QMP command has been removed. Use ''blockdev-change-medium'' or \ 
''change-vnc-password'' instead.
* The ''query-events'' QMP command has been removed
* The ''migrate_set_speed'', ''migrate_set_downtime'' and \ 
''migrate-set-cache-size'' QMP/HMP commands have been removed.
* The ''query-cpus'' QMP command has been removed
* The ''arch'' field in the ''query-cpus-fast'' command has been removed
* The ''-chardev'' parameter ''wait'' option is no longer accepted for socket clients
* The ''ide-drive'' device type has been removed
* The ''scsi-disk'' device type has been removed
* The ''encryption_key_missing'' field has been removed from block device info data
* The ''status'' field has been removed from dirty bitmap info
* The ''dirty-bitmaps'' field has been removed from the ''BlockInfo'' struct
* The ''file'' block driver no longer permits use with block devices
* The use of ''-global'' to set floppy controllers is removed. Use ''-device \ 
floppy,...'' instead.
* The ''-drive'' option must now use ''if=none'' for drives the onboard device \ 
does not pick up.
* The ''object-add'' QMP command member ''props'' has been removed.  Its \ 
contents may be used with less nesting instead.
* The mips ''fulong2e'' machine alias has been removed. Use ''fuloong2e'' instead.

=== New deprecated options and features ===

Consult the [ \ 
"Deprecated Features"] chapter of the QEMU System Emulation User's \ 
Guide for further details of the deprecations and their suggested replacements.

* The --enable-fips option has been deprecated. Consumers wishing to have FIPS \ 
compliance must build QEMU with libcrypt and gnutls, NOT nettle.
* The ''-writeconfig'' option has been deprecated. The functionality of \ 
''-writeconfig'' is limited and the code does not even try to detect cases where \ 
it prints incorrect syntax (for example if values have a quote in them). It will \ 
be removed without replacement.
* Boolean parameters such as ''share=on'' / ''share=off'' could be written in \ 
short form as ''share'' and ''noshare''.  This is now deprecated and will cause \ 
a warning.
* ''-chardev'' backend aliases ''tty'' and ''parport'' are aliases that will be \ 
removed. Instead, the actual backend names ''serial'' and ''parallel'' should be \ 
* The ''delay'' option for socket character devices is now deprecated.
* Userspace local APIC with KVM (''-M kernel-irqchip=off'')
* hexadecimal sizes with scaling multipliers (e.g. ''0x20M'')
* ''-spice password=string'' is deprecated now. Use ''password-secret'' option \ 
* ''opened'' property of ''rng-*'' objects
* ''loaded'' property of ''secret'' and ''secret_keyring''
* MIPS ''Trap-and-Emulate'' KVM support

=== 68k ===

* Add a new machine, virt, based on virtio devices

=== Alpha ===

=== Arm ===

* QEMU now supports emulation of the Arm-v8.1M architecture and the Cortex-M55 CPU
* Emulation of the ARMv8.4-TTST extension is now supported
* Emulation of the ARMv8.4-SEL2 extension is now supported
* Emulation of the FEAT_SSBS extension is now supported
* Emulation of the PAuth extension now supports an optional IMPDEF pauth \ 
algorithm which is not cryptographically secure but is much faster to compute
* Emulation of the ARMv8.4-DIT extension is now supported. (Note that QEMU's \ 
implementation does not in fact provide any timing guarantees; emulation of the \ 
extension is purely to support guests which query its presence and work with the \ 
* Emulation of the ARMv8.5-MemTag extension is now supported for linux-user. (It \ 
was already supported for system emulation.)
* xlnx-zynqmp boards now support the Xilinx ZynqMP CAN controllers
* the sbsa-ref board now supports Cortex-A53/57/72 cpus
* the xlnx-versal board now has USB support, and a model of the XRAMs and the \ 
XRAM controller
* the sabrelite board emulation has been improved and it can now run U-Boot
* the npcm7xx boards support more devices: ADC, PWM, SMBus, EMC, MFT
* the gdbstub's representation of SVE registers allows GDB to properly handle \ 
* the 'virt' board now provides a mechanism for secure (EL3) firmware to power \ 
down or reset the system
* documentation for vexpress/versatile has been updated with example kernel \ 
configuration/command lines
* A new board model mps3-an524 (using Cortex-M33) is now implemented
* A new board model mps3-an547 (using Cortex-M55) is now implemented

=== AVR ===

=== Hexagon ===

* QEMU can now emulate Qualcomm's Hexagon DSP units.

=== HPPA ===

=== Microblaze ===

=== MIPS ===
* Loongson-3 "virt" machine added

=== Nios2 ===

=== OpenRISC ===

=== PowerPC ===
* Deprecated 'compat' property of server class POWER cpus removed (use the \ 
'max-cpu-compat' machine option instead)
* You can now explicitly choose 'kvm_type=auto' rather than only being able to \ 
do that by not setting it at all.
* powernv machine type now defaults to 1GiB of RAM
* powernv now allows an external BMC
* pseries will now send MEM_UNPLUG_ERROR QAPI message in cases where it can \ 
detect that a memory unplug has failed
* pseries will now allow cpu unplug requests to be retried, even if the guest \ 
hasn't responded to them yet.
  * This will re-signal the guest, which might an unplug to complete which the \ 
guest previous rejected

=== Renesas RX ===

=== Renesas SH ===

=== RISC-V ===
* Improve the sifive_u DTB generation
* Add QSPI NOR flash to Microchip PFSoC
* Improvements to the Microchip PFSoc to improve support with the SDK
* A range of fixes to the Hypervisor extension
* Fix some mstatus mask defines
* Ibex PLIC and UART improvements
* OpenTitan memory layout update (Breaking change)
* Initial steps towards support for 32-bit CPUs on 64-bit builds
* Automate GDB XML generation (should fix GDB E14 errors)
* Sifive OTP handle OTP access failures
* Correctly generate a PMP failure when no PMP entry is configured
* Fixes to PMP region checking
* Fix 32-bit Linux boot problems with DTB placement
* OpenSBI upgraded to v0.9
* Support the QMP dump-guest-memory command
* Add support for the SiFive SPI controller (sifive_u)
* Initial RISC-V system documentation
* Support for high PCIe memory in the virt machine
* Fixes to the vector extensions CSR accesses
* ramfb support in the virt machine

=== s390 ===
* Linux kernels built with clang-11 and clang-12 now work correctly under tcg

=== SPARC ===

=== TileGX ===

* TileGX has been removed without replacement.TileGX was only implemented in \ 
linux-user mode, but support for this CPU was removed from the upstream Linux \ 
kernel in 2018, and it has also been dropped from glibc, so there is no new \ 
Linux development taking place with this architecture, rendering the linux-user \ 
mode emulation rather useless. For running older binaries, users can simply use \ 
older versions of QEMU.

=== Tricore ===
* Added Triboard with tc27x SoC

=== x86 ===
* TCG can emulate the PKS feature (protection keys for supervisor pages).
* Intel PT can now be exposed to KVM guests when \ 
<code>CPUID.(EAX=14,ECX=0).ECX[LIP]</code> (bit 31) is 1. Previous \ 
versions only supported Intel PT when LIP=0
* New <code>sev-inject-launch-secret</code> QMP command
* The WHPX accelerator supports accelerated APIC ("-accel \ 
* The microvm machine type got a second (optional) ioapic for the virtio-mmio \ 
irq lines, which in turn allows 24 (instead of 8) virtio-mmio devices.
* Support for running SEV-ES encrypted guests.

=== Xtensa ===

=== Device emulation and assignment ===

==== ACPI ====
* new ''-machine'' options ''oem-id'' and ''oem-table-id'' to allow setting \ 
custom values for ''OEM ID'' and ''OEM table ID'' ACPI table fields
* in QEMU 5.1, PCI root UID changed to from 1 to 0 for all x86 machine types, \ 
this caused issues in Windows guest with virtio devices being re-enumeraed as \ 
new devices. QEMU 6.0 fixes it by reverting UID to 1 for 5.1 and older machine \ 
types. See commit 0a343a5add75 for details. For 5.2 and later machine types it \ 
might be necessary to reconfigure/reinstall Windows VM, if used disk image was \ 
created on 5.1 and older machine types.
* Support for user provided PCI NIC index on ''pc'' machine type with help of \ 
new ''acpi-index'' PCI device option. For linux guests, It lets user to use \ 
''onboard'' naming scheme ''enoX'' where X is set with ''acpi-index'' option. It \ 
makes NIC naming independent from which PCI slot it is plugged in. Works with \ 
cold and hot-plugged NICs, as long as used PCI bus is managed by ACPI PCI \ 
hotplug (which is enabled for PCI root bus and bridges present at boot time by \ 
default on latest ''pc'' machine type ).

==== Audio ====

==== Block devices ====
* virtio-blk reports <tt>--device \ 
virtio-blk-pci,discard_granularity=</tt> in the virtio-blk \ 
<tt>discard_sector_alignment</tt> configuration space field so that \ 
guests with new machine types can take advantage of this information. Previously \ 
virtio-blk devices reported <tt>--device \ 
virtio-blk-pci,logical_block_size=</tt> instead.

==== Graphics ====

==== Input devices ====

==== IPMI ====

==== Multi-process QEMU ====

* The experimental <code>-machine x-remote</code> and \ 
<code>-device x-pci-proxy-dev</code> options have been added to \ 
support out-of-process device emulation. Currently only the \ 
<code>lsi53c895</code> SCSI device can be emulated in a separate \ 
process. Please see \ 
[ the \ 
documentation] and [[Features/MultiProcessQEMU]] for details on this \ 
experimental feature, which is still subject to change.

==== Network devices ====

==== NVDIMM ====

* nvdimm devices will check that <code>-device \ 
nvdimm,unarmed=on</code>  option is used when using <code>-object \ 

==== NVMe ====

===== Emulated NVMe Controller =====

* ''Highlights''
** The implemented spec version has been bumped to v1.4
** Experimental support for Zoned Namespaces (TP 4053) has been added
** Experimental support for NVM Subsystems, multipath I/O and namespace sharing
** Experimental support for Metadata and End-to-End Data Protection
* ''New commands''
** Dataset Management
** Compare
** Simple Copy (TP 4065)
** Format NVM
** Verify
* ''Other new features''
** Support for reporting the Deallocated or Unwritten Logical Block Error (DULBE)
** Namespace UUID reported as a Namespace Descriptor
** Support for Namespace Types (TP 4056)
** Support for triggering a SMART Critical Warning through QMP
** Controller Memory Buffer support has been enhanced for NVMe v1.4 (to revert \ 
to v1.3 behavior, use the new <code>legacy-cmb</code> controller \ 
** Persistent Memory Region RDS/WDS support
* ''New log pages''
** Commands Supported and Effects

==== PCI/PCIe ====

* The 'pvpanic-pci' device is a PCI-device version of the 'pvpanic' ISA device, \ 
which can be used on systems with only PCI and no ISA bus as a mechanism for the \ 
guest to inform QEMU that it has paniced.

==== SCSI ====
* Rework of the ESP SCSI emulation to allow mixed FIFO/(P)DMA commands along \ 
with various other fixes

==== SD card ====

==== SMBIOS ====

==== TPM ====

==== USB ====

* Support for writing usb traffic to package capture files for inspection with \ 
wireshark has been added.  Use the new pcap=<file> property added to all \ 
usb devices to enable this.

==== VFIO ====

==== virtio ====

==== Xen ====

* A new [ guest \ 
loader] which allows testing of Xen-like hypervisors booting kernels without \ 
messing around with firmware/bootloaders

==== fw_cfg ====

==== 9pfs ====

==== virtiofs ====
* Security fix for CVE-2020-35517 - prevent opening of special files
* Security fix for CVE-2021-20263 - when used with xattrmap, drop remapped \ 
* Performance improvements with new guest kernel feature FUSE_KILLPRIV_V2

==== Semihosting ====
* Added support for RiscV (ARM style s= Character devices ===

=== Crypto subsystem ===

==== experimental qmp interface ====

=== GUI ===
* vnc: support for cursors with alpha channel has been added.
* vnc: support for extended desktop resize has been added.  With virtio-vga the \ 
guest displab representation for SVE registers

=== TCG Plugins ===

* New API for querying details about HW access
* Bug fix to avoid double counting some instructions when using -icount

=== Host support ===

=== Memory backends ===

* hostmem-file: added readonly=lation to NBD_STATE_HOLE.
* ''qemu-img'' gained more accurate parsing for size values.  Previously, only \ 
53 significant digits were supported, and large sizes could end up with \ 
inadvertent rounding; now the parser supports a full 64 bits of precision.
* The ''object-add'' QMP command is now available in qemu-storage-daemon.
* qemu-storage-daemon supports a ''--pidfile'' option now
* The ''parallels'' image format driver has gained support for dirty bitmaps in \ 
read-only mode

=== Tracing ===

=== Miscellaneous ===
* The command line option ''-object'' (or ''--object'') accepts JSON input now \ 
in all binaries (system emulators and tools). In tools, it also supports \ 
non-scalar options using the dotted key syntax known from options like \ 
* The QMP command ''object-add'' is now covered by the QAPI schema and clients \ 
can use schema introspection to detect object types and options supported by the \ 
given QEMU binary.
* A new command line option ''-action'', with suboptions ''panic'', \ 
''shutdown'', ''reboot'' and ''watchdog''.  ''-action'' subsumes the \ 
pre-existing options ''-no-shutdown'' (''-action panic=pause,shutdown=pause''), \ 
''-no-reboot'' (''-action reboot=shutdown'') and ''-watchdog-action''; plus, it \ 
allows the user to choose whether guest panic should pause the guest (''-action \ 
panic=pause''), shut it down (''-action panic=poweroff'', the default) or be \ 
ignored (''-action panic=none'').
* A new generic machine option ''confidential-guest-support'' was added to \ 
(partially) unify configuration for AMD SEV memory encrypt, POWER PEF and s390 \ 
Protected Virtualization, plus future methods of protecting a guest from \ 
eavesdropping by a compromised hypervisor.
* A new [ guest \ 
loader] whications.

== User-mode emulation ==
=== binfmt_misc ===

Added support of 'P' flag (preserve-argv[0])

With kernel v5.12, QEMU can detect if it is started with preserve-argv[0] flag \ 
and adjust the list of arguments accordingly.

=== Hexagon ===

Added support for the Qualcomm Hexagon processor, in linux-user mode only.

For more information, see [ our \ 
presenation from the 2019 KVM Forum]
or the [ README] file

== TCG ==

* Added support for Apple Silicon hosts (macOS)