Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/emulators/mame
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2021-07-29 11:46:06
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Log Message:
mame: update to 0.234.

Hi everyone! After four busy weeks, MAME 0.234 is ready! Newly
supported systems include Runaway (a licensed version of Sega’s
Head On made by Sun Electronics), Konami’s Magical Twin Bee (the
European version of Twin Bee Yahhoo!), and Tronica’s LCD hand-held
Spider (same program as Space Mission, but with different artwork).
Although it was added last month, VS Mahjong Triangle is now working.
This is a rare early example of a mahjong game supporting two
simultaneous single-player games, or a two-player game – a format
popularised a decade later by Psikyo’s Taisen Hot Gimmick.

There have been two significant sets of improvements for 3D arcade
games this month: rewritten 3dfx Voodoo Graphics emulation, giving
significant performance gains in many cases, and continued development
on Konami’s ZR017 and GTI Club hardware. Although not directly
related to 3D graphics, bug fixes for the Fujitsu TGP DSP make
Motor Raid more playable. We haven’t forgotten 2D arcade games –
Namco racing games have seen another round of fixes for missing or
incorrectly positioned sprites, and missing sprites are now drawn
in Data East’s Chanbara.

For home systems, our friend kmg has been hard at work adding
support for pirate NES/Famicom cartridges, and Brian Johnson has
fixed a couple of video issues on the Epson QX-10. Kelvin Sherlock
added support for the LANceGS card, providing another networking
option for Apple II users.