Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/mtools
From: Olaf Seibert
Date: 2021-08-09 16:39:23
Message id:

Log Message:
sysutils/mtools: update to 4.0.35.

Improvements since the 4.0.34 release are:
        - Fix cluster padding at end of file in batch mode
Improvements since the 4.0.33 release are:
        - Fix mcopy -s issue
Improvements since the 4.0.32 release are:
        - Fix support for partitions (broken in 4.0.30)
        - Portability fixes for Solaris 10 and 11
        - General simplification of configure script, and largefile
        - Tested and fixed for platforms *without* largefile support
        - In cases where lseek works with 32-bit offsets, prefer lseek64
          over llseek
        - Fixed floppy sector size handling on platforms that are not
        - Added support for image files on command line to mcat
Improvements since the 4.0.31 release are:
        - Simplify algorithm that chooses filesystem parameters for
          format, and align it more closely with what Win7 does
        - Fix mformatting XDF when XDF not explicitly specified on
          mformat command line
        - easier way to enter sizes on mformat command line
          (mformat -C -T 1440K)
        - For small sizes, mformat assumes floppy geometries (heads 1 or
          2, tracks 40 or 80)
        - Handle attempts to mformat too small filesystems more
        - Enable minfo to print out additional mformat command line
          parameters, if the present filesystem uses non-default
          values for these
        - minfo no longer prints bigsect if smallsect is set
        - for remap filter, error when trying to write non-zero data
          to unmapped sectors
        - Fix misc compilation warnings occurring when disabling
          certain features (largefiles, raw-term)
Improvements since the 4.0.30 release are:
        - Move Linux-specific block device sizing code into
          Linux-specific section of devices.c
        - Error messages for all failure cases on fs_init
        - Fix compilation without XDF support (OpenImage signature)
        - Fix polarity of format_xdf command-line parameter of mformat
        - In xdf_io retry enough times to actually succeed, even if
          FDC was in a bad state before
        - Remove useless buffer flushing triggered when giving up a
          reference to a stream node that is still referenced
        - Clearer error message if neither size nor geometry of drive
          to be mformatted is known
        - In mformat, make Fs dynamically allocated rather than
          on-stack, so as to be able to use utilities supplied by
        - Remove duplicate writing of backup boot sector
        - Allow to infer geometry for mformat if only size is specified
        - Protect against attempt to create zero-sized buffer
        - Code simplification in mattrib
        - Remove dead code in mpartition
Improvements since the 4.0.29 release are:
        - Fixed XDF floppy disk access
        - Fixed faulty behavior at end of image in mcat
        - Device/Image size handling refactoring
        - allow remap to write to zero-backed sectors (may happen if
          buffer is flushed, and is not an error in that case)
        - Raise an error when trying to mcopy multiple source files
          over a single destination file (rather than directory)
        - fix handling of "hidden" sectors (is a 2 byte quantity on
          small disks, not 4 byte as previously assumed)
        - Modernize partition support. Tuned consistency check to
          actually check about important issues (such as overlapping
          partitions) rather than stuff nobody else cares about
          (alignment on entire cylinder boundaries)
        - Move various "filter" options (partition, offset, swap,
          scsi) into separate classes, rather than leaving almost
          everything in plain_io
        - Simplify and centralize geometry handling and LBA code
        - Fix some more more compiler warnings
Improvements since the 4.0.28 release are:
        - Fix bug in cluster preallocation, which was accidentally
        introduced by the compiler warning "fixes" from v4_0_28
Improvements since the 4.0.27 release are:
        - Support remapping of data (for not-quite linear floppy image
        files, such as IBM 3174)
        - Re-open floppy devices read-write if geometry parameters need
        to be changed
        - relax consistency checks in mpartition (partitions created
          by current fdisk would almost never pass these checks)
        - Fix some compiler warnings
Improvements since the 4.0.26 release are:
        - Fix a type error in way how iconv functions are called