Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print/ghostscript-agpl
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-09-29 21:19:23
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Log Message:
ghostscript-agpl: updated to 9.55.0

Version 9.55.0 (2021-09-27)

Highlights in this release include:

This release includes the fix for the %pipe% security issue (CVE-2021-3781).

New PDF Interpreter: This is an entirely new implementation written in C (rather \ 
than PostScript, as before). For a full discussion of this change and reasons \ 
for it see: Changes Coming to the PDF Interpreter.

In this (9.55.0) release, the new PDF interpreter is disabled by default in \ 
Ghostscript, but can be used by specifying -dNEWPDF. We hope to make it the \ 
default in 9.56.0, and fully deprecate the PostScript implementation shortly \ 
after that (depending on the feedback we get).

This also allows us to offer a new executable (gpdf, or gpdfwin??.exe on \ 
Windows) which is purely for PDF input. For this release, those new binaries are \ 
not included in the "install" make targets, nor in the Windows \ 
installers (they will be from 9.56.0 onwards).

We would ask that as many users as possible take the opportunity to test with \ 
the new PDF implementation (i.e. using -dNEWPDF on your gs command line), and \ 
discuss any problems with us, before the new implementation becomes the default.

The pdfwrite device now supports "passthrough" for JPX/JPG2000 data \ 
images (as well as the already supported JPEG/DCT Encoded). That means that if \ 
no rescaling or color conversion of the image data is required, the \ 
encoded/compressed image data from the input file will be written unchanged to \ 
the output, preventing potential image degradation caused by decompressing and \ 

The Ghostscript/GhostPDL demo apps for C, C#, Java and Python have all had \ 
improvements and the C#/Java/Python language bindings have now been documented, \ 
see Ghostscript Language Bindings

The Zugferd compliant PDF generating definitions (lib/ have been \ 
updated and expanded to support the current version (2.1.1) of the Zugferd spec, \ 
and optionally different versions of the specification.

The PCL/m output devices now support Duplex/Tumble.

The internal support for "n-up" style simple imposition (introduced in \ 
9.54.0) has been extended and improved for better support across all input \ 

Ghostscript now supports object specific halftone - for example, different \ 
halftones can be specified for text and images, reflecting the differing needs \ 
of rendering those two types of object.

Our efforts in code hygiene and maintainability continue.

The usual round of bug fixes, compatibility changes, and incremental improvements.

(9.53.0) We have added the capability to build with the Tesseract OCR engine. In \ 
such a build, new devices are available (pdfocr8/pdfocr24/pdfocr32) which render \ 
the output file to an image, OCR that image, and output the image \ 
"wrapped" up as a PDF file, with the OCR generated text information \ 
included as "invisible" text (in PDF terms, text rendering mode 3).