Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/bftpd
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2021-10-17 12:11:21
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Log Message:
bftpd: update to 6.0

Jesse Smith <> -> 6.0
	- Make extended passive mode respect the PASSIVE_PORTS variable
	  in the bftpd configuration file. Previously random ports
	  would be assigned.
	- Minor code clean-up in mystrings library to avoid calculating
	  string length multiple times.

Jesse Smith <> -> 5.9
	- Fixed output of directory listing so that file size is right-justified
	  which makes output look cleaner.
	  Fix suggested by uomo ukko.
	- Addressed some compiler warnings. Make sure we bail out
          of situations even if they should never realisticaly return
	  an error.

Jesse Smith <> -> 5.8
	- Many spelling errors in source code and documentation found and
	  fixed by Jens of Fossies ( Applied spelling corrections.
	- Removed mark-up and special characters from COPYING, README, and INSTALL
	- Fixed file size reporting on 32-bit ARM architecture when files are
	  large (greater than 2GB).
	  Problem and fix reported by uomo ukko.

Jesse Smith <> -> 5.7
	- A malicious client could cause a buffer overflow with
	  a lot of EPSV commands sent in a row. We now close
	  the pasv socket before each new use to avoid accumulating
	  more than 1023.
	  Thanks to Shisong Qin for reporting this issue and suggesting
	  a fix.