Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/emulators/mame
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2021-10-27 11:31:45
Message id:

Log Message:
mame: update to 0.237.

For everyone who’s waited patiently all month, MAME 0.237 is out
today! As well as the updates to the UI and debugger that we’ve
already announced, there are several updates to the included plugins:

* A brand-new input macro plugin.
* The data plugin can now show text from the Japanese command.dat
  file (or a Chinese command.txt file if you rename it to command.dat).
* The location the hiscore support plugin uses to store its data
  and configuration has changed. You won’t lose your high scores,
  but you need to move the .hi files from the hi folder to the hiscore
  folder in your plugin data (homepath) folder.
* The configuration format for the autofire plugin has changed.
  Unfortunately, you will need to add your autofire button settings

Interesting machines added this month include a Mexican TRS-80
Color Computer clone, Tronica Thunder Ball (a re-skin of Space
Rescue with a nautical theme), the original version of Pengo that
the widespread bootlegs seem to be based on, the original hardware
revision of the Laser 128 (Apple II clone), and a slightly older
version of Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha for Asia.

Master of multi-memory controllers kmg is still on a roll broadening
NES/Famicom and clone cartridge compatibility. Highlights of the
month include:

* Railway management simulator A Ressha de Ikou.
* Recent NES/Famicom games released by Ancient to promote Gotta
  Protectors (Minna de Mamotte Knight). NES development is still
  alive over two decades after the last licensed title was released
  in 1995.
* The two Korean Brilliant Com (영재컴) edutainment games.
* Some multi-game cartridges featuring the ambitious Titenic game,
  inspired by a highly successful James Cameron film.
* Kart Fighter – using the engine from an unlicensed NES port of
  Street Fighter II, and unlicensed depictions of the character roster
  from Super Mario Kart, this is almost a premonition of Super Smash
  Bros. It even features Yoshi’s tail smash, and depicts Kinopio
  (Toad) as a bare-knuckle brawler long before the Mii costume was
  available for purchase.
* Well-known low-effort Mario-themed hack 7 Grand Dad. PUSH ↑ START

Amiga software compatibility has been improved this month, the NEC
PC-6001 family has gained a cartridge software list, and another
batch of Commodore 64 cassettes has been added. An issue was
identified with “fake E7” Apple II cracks that could prevent them
from working if they were written out to disks to use on original
hardware. Although this didn’t prevent them from being used in
MAME, disk images with the issue fixed have been added to the
software list. Over a hundred Apple IIgs cracks have been added,