Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/meson
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2021-11-07 14:23:05
Message id:

Log Message:
meson: updated to 0.60.1


run_target can now be used as a dependency
The Python Modules dependency method no longer accepts positional arguments
Override python installation paths
New subprojects packagefiles subcommand
Deprecated project options
More efficient static linking of uninstalled libraries
gnome.yelp variadic argument deprecation
static keyword argument to meson.override_dependency()
dependency() sets default_library on fallback subproject
install_emptydir function
Cython can now transpile to C++ as an intermediate language
New custom dependency for iconv
Unknown options are now always fatal
Install DESTDIR relative to build directory
Java Module
Link tests can use sources for a different compiler
Relax restrictions of str.join()
Improvements for the Rustc compiler
The qt modules now accept generated outputs as inputs for qt.compile_*
Waf support in external-project module
Comparing two objects with different types is now an error
Installation tags
Compiler.unittest_args has been removed
Dependencies with multiple names
i18n module now returns gettext targets
Added support for CLA sources when cross-compiling with the C2000 toolchain
Support for clippy-driver as a rustc wrapper
Force Visual Studio environment activation
MSVC compiler now assumes UTF-8 source code by default
Add support for find_library in Emscripten
Optional custom_target() name