Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/Sigil
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2021-11-16 16:00:30
Message id:

Log Message:
Sigil: update to 1.8.0.

    Bug Fixes:
     - Reports now generate properly quoted csv when saved
     - Workaround Bug in QtWebengine when using custom scheme handler and \ 
specific audio/video codecs
     - Fix CV -> Preview sync after intial load when Preview Zoom is not \ 
equal to 100%
     - Fix link tags with rel set to stylesheets via Mend and Mend and Prettify \ 
that are missing type
     - Fix GoToLinkOrStyle to work on css link tags in head
     - Fix logic in GoToLinkOrStyle to better identify the actual target with styles
     - Fix insert media file when cursor at very start of tag
     - Fix Windows and macOS bugs when generating Keyboard Shortcuts
     - Fix insert closing tag when cursor at very start of tag
     - Fix double copy to Clipboard from OPF and NCX Tabs
     - Fix GoToLinkOrStyle when class attribute present but cursor not in the \ 
class attribute
     - Fix TabManager scroll to position to properly handle position of 0
     - Fix crash using Split At Markers when body tag is completely empty (no \ 
whitespace or anything)

    New Features:
     - BookBrowser can now link javascripts similarly to how it links stylesheets
     - Epub3 javascripts can now open windows if javascript is enabled
     - Add Find and Replace context menu to clear its curent values and history
     - Add support for 3 Automation lists that support editing and automatically \ 
running a list of
         commands that can include all Sigil plugins and a limited set of Tools
     - Add support for BookBrowser to insert a blank javascript file
     - Do not require replacement prompt if current book is unmodified and input \ 
plugin is run