Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2021-12-13 09:56:32
Message id:

Log Message:
vile, xvile: update to 9.8v

Update provided by Thomas Dickey.

 20211212 (v)
	> Lois Mansot
	+ corrected range for &random function.
	+ move the reframe_cursor_position() in update() to ensure that $cwline
	  is shown correctly when viewing [Variables] while showvariables is
 	> Mark Robinson:
	+ modify c-filt.c
	  + include the quote chars in the literal colouring for C/C++/Java/etc
	    to make it the same as most other syntax highlighting
	  + add backquote "`" as a quoting character for JavaScript, e.g., for
	    multi-line quotes.
	  + highlight embedded "${xxx}" markers in JavaScript strings using the
	    Ident2 color.
	+ modify sh-filt.l
	  + improve parsing of the beginning of here-document to allow for
	    here-documents piped to programs, e.g.,
	    	cat <<EOF | pr
	    	cat <<EOF && date
	  + do not treat "#" as a comment marker if it is adjacent to nonblank
 	> Stephan Schulz:
	+ add popup-choices mode (Savannah #58999)
	> Tom Dickey:
	+ eliminate filename conflict between vile/xvile in test-packages for
	  FreeBSD ports, e.g., xvile's vileget becomes xvileget.
	+ suppress some of the gcc warnings due to perl header-files.
	+ updated, from xterm, to work around poor performance of gcc
	  on Fedora.
	+ modify perl scripts to use /usr/bin/env to locate the perl program,
	  and eliminate
	+ modify curses-driver to support italics, e.g., as in ncurses 6.
	+ apply Xaw header-fix for XawPlus, neXtaw and Xaw3dxft.
	+ use Xaw3d menu-headers for x11vile.h and x11menu.c (FreeBSD #186420).
	+ replace Header keywords with Id, to make Git-snapshots match.
	+ continue development of xftplain.c (--enable-freetype).  The current
	  driver is able to display a single TrueType font using Xft.  The
	  menu entries for the bitmap-fonts are replaced by a single menu with
	  Some of the remaining issues:
	  + provide conversion for X displays other than 24-bit TrueColor
	  + implement fallback fonts, i.e., --enable-fontsets
	+ modify configure script to check for ssp library, needed for some
	  misconfigured libraries when cross-compiling to MinGW.
	+ fix a case in vile-manfilt where cur_line may not have been allocated
	  before first use.
	+ update configure script to work with _Noreturn changes in ncurses
	  20210320 development version.
	+ modify, wrapping cd commands in a subshell to work around
	  "jobs" misfeature of pmake.
	+ improve c-filt.c support for JavaScript
	  + handle ranges, i.e., to avoid stopping on "/"
	  + check for regex after ":"
	  + add m,s,u,y to permissable flags ending regex
	+ quoting-fixes in autoconf macros, per shellcheck warnings.
	+ add check for 'U' in read_quoted() needed to make ^VUxxxx work.
	+ modify lins_chars() to handle a case where a script inserts a UTF-8
	  character (report by Thomas Dupond).
	+ modify configure/makefiles to support ".PHONY" feature.
	+ change configure/makefiles to use ARFLAGS rather than AR_OPTS
	+ change configure --with-warnings to --enable-warnings for consistency
	  with other configure scripts, using recent changes in that to filter
	  gcc -Werror options to avoid breaking configure checks.
	+ fix a few build problems with --disable-extensions
	+ split-out x11plain.c, to start work on TrueType font support in xvile
	+ modify configure script to allow clang to support loadable filters,
	  since recent configurations work.
	+ add/fix NetBSD pkgsrc-files for 9.8u
	+ update FreeBSD package-files for 9.8u
	+ update config.guess, config.sub