Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/nano
From: Sebastian Wiedenroth
Date: 2021-12-15 19:00:20
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nano: update to 6.0

2021.12.15 - GNU nano 6.0  "Humor heeft ook zijn leuke kanten"

• Option --zero hides the title bar, status bar and help lines, and
  uses all rows of the terminal as editing area.  The title bar and
  status bar can be toggled with M-Z.
• Colors can now be specified also as three-digit hexadecimal numbers,
  in the format #rgb.  This picks from the 216 index colors (that most
  terminals know) the color that is nearest to the given values.
• For users who dislike numbers, there are fourteen new color names:
  rosy, beet, plum, sea, sky, slate, teal, sage, brown, ocher, sand,
  tawny, brick, and crimson.
• Suspension is enabled by default, invokable with ^T^Z.  The options
  -z, --suspendable, and 'set suspendable' are obsolete and ignored.
  (In case you want to be able to suspend nano with a single keystroke,
  you can put 'bind ^Z suspend main' in your nanorc.)
• When automatic hard-wrapping is in effect, pasting just a few words
  (without a line break) will now hard-wrap the line when needed.
• Toggling Append or Prepend clears the current filename.
• The word count as shown by M-D is now affected by option --wordbounds;
  with it, nano counts words as 'wc' does; without it (the new default),
  words are counted in a more human way: seeing punctuation as space.
• The YAML syntax file is now actually included in the tarball.