Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/clamav
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2022-01-13 16:28:22
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Log Message:
security/clamav: update to 0.103.5

0.103.5 (2022-01-12)

ClamAV 0.103.5 is a critical patch release with the following fixes:

* \ 
  Fix for invalid pointer read that may cause a crash. This issue affects
  0.104.1, 0.103.4 and prior when ClamAV is compiled with libjson-c and the
  CL_SCAN_GENERAL_COLLECT_METADATA scan option (the clamscan --gen-json
  option) is enabled.

  Cisco would like to thank Laurent Delosieres of ManoMano for reporting
  this vulnerability.

* Fixed ability to disable the file size limit with libclamav C API, like

  cl_engine_set_num(engine, CL_ENGINE_MAX_FILESIZE, 0);

  This issue didn't affect ClamD or ClamScan which also can disable the
  limit by setting it to zero using MaxFileSize 0 in clamd.conf for ClamD,
  or clamscan --max-filesize=0 for ClamScan.

  Note: Internally, the max file size is still set to 2 GiB. Disabling the
  limit for a scan will fall back on the internal 2 GiB limitation.

* Increased the maximum line length for ClamAV config files from 512 bytes
  to 1,024 bytes to allow for longer config option strings.

* SigTool: Fix insufficient buffer size for --list-sigs that caused a
  failure when listing a database containing one or more very long
  signatures. This fix was backported from 0.104.

Special thanks to the following for code contributions and bug reports:

* Laurent Delosieres