Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/expat
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2022-01-17 09:49:34
Message id:

Log Message:
expat: update to 2.4.3.

Release 2.4.3 Sun January 16 2022
        Security fixes:
       #531 #534  CVE-2021-45960 -- Fix issues with left shifts by >=29 places
                    resulting in
                      a) realloc acting as free
                      b) realloc allocating too few bytes
                      c) undefined behavior
                    depending on architecture and precise value
                    for XML documents with >=2^27+1 prefixed attributes
                    on a single XML tag a la
                    "<r xmlns:a='[..]' a:a123='[..]' [..] />"
                    where XML_ParserCreateNS is used to create the parser
                    (which needs argument "-n" when running xmlwf).
                    Impact is denial of service, or more.
       #532 #538  CVE-2021-46143 (ZDI-CAN-16157) -- Fix integer overflow
                    on variable m_groupSize in function doProlog leading
                    to realloc acting as free.
                    Impact is denial of service or more.
            #539  CVE-2022-22822 to CVE-2022-22827 -- Prevent integer overflows
                    near memory allocation at multiple places.  Mitre assigned
                    a dedicated CVE for each involved internal C function:
                    - CVE-2022-22822 for function addBinding
                    - CVE-2022-22823 for function build_model
                    - CVE-2022-22824 for function defineAttribute
                    - CVE-2022-22825 for function lookup
                    - CVE-2022-22826 for function nextScaffoldPart
                    - CVE-2022-22827 for function storeAtts
                    Impact is denial of service or more.

        Other changes:
            #535  CMake: Make call to file(GENERATE [..]) work for CMake <3.19
            #541  Autotools|CMake: MinGW: Make work for Cygwin
                    and MSYS2 by not going through Wine on these platforms
       #527 #528  Address compiler warnings
       #533 #543  Version info bumped from 9:2:8 to 9:3:8;
                    see for what these numbers do

            #536  CI: Check for realistic minimum CMake version
       #529 #539  CI: Cover compilation with -m32
            #529  CI: Store coverage reports as artifacts for download
            #528  CI: Upgrade Clang from 11 to 13

Release 2.4.2 Sun December 19 2021
        Other changes:
       #509 #510  Link againgst libm for function "isnan"
       #513 #514  Include expat_config.h as early as possible
            #498  Autotools: Include files with release archives:
                    - fuzz/*.c
       #507 #519  Autotools: Sync CMake templates
       #495 #524  CMake: MinGW: Fix pkg-config section "Libs" for
                    - non-release build types (e.g. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug)
                    - multi-config CMake generators (e.g. Ninja Multi-Config)
       #502 #503  docs: Document that function XML_GetBuffer may return NULL
                    when asking for a buffer of 0 (zero) bytes size
       #522 #523  docs: Fix return value docs for both
                    XML_SetBillionLaughsAttackProtection* functions
       #525 #526  Version info bumped from 9:1:8 to 9:2:8;
                    see for what these numbers do