Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-click
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2022-01-31 10:52:05
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Log Message:
py310-click: update to 8.0.3.

.. currentmodule:: click

Version 8.0.3

Released 2021-10-10

-   Fix issue with ``Path(resolve_path=True)`` type creating invalid
    paths. :issue:`2088`
-   Importing ``readline`` does not cause the ``confirm()`` prompt to
    disappear when pressing backspace. :issue:`2092`
-   Any default values injected by ``invoke()`` are cast to the
    corresponding parameter's type. :issue:`2089, 2090`

Version 8.0.2

Released 2021-10-08

-   ``is_bool_flag`` is not set to ``True`` if ``is_flag`` is ``False``.
-   Bash version detection is locale independent. :issue:`1940`
-   Empty ``default`` value is not shown for ``multiple=True``.
-   Fix shell completion for arguments that start with a forward slash
    such as absolute file paths. :issue:`1929`
-   ``Path`` type with ``resolve_path=True`` resolves relative symlinks
    to be relative to the containing directory. :issue:`1921`
-   Completion does not skip Python's resource cleanup when exiting,
    avoiding some unexpected warning output. :issue:`1738, 2017`
-   Fix type annotation for ``type`` argument in ``prompt`` function.
-   Fix overline and italic styles, which were incorrectly added when
    adding underline. :pr:`2058`
-   An option with ``count=True`` will not show "[x>=0]" in help text.
-   Default values are not cast to the parameter type twice during
    processing. :issue:`2085`
-   Options with ``multiple`` and ``flag_value`` use the flag value
    instead of leaving an internal placeholder. :issue:`2001`

Version 8.0.1

Released 2021-05-19

-   Mark top-level names as exported so type checking understand imports
    in user projects. :issue:`1879`
-   Annotate ``Context.obj`` as ``Any`` so type checking allows all
    operations on the arbitrary object. :issue:`1885`
-   Fix some types that weren't available in Python 3.6.0. :issue:`1882`
-   Fix type checking for iterating over ``ProgressBar`` object.
-   The ``importlib_metadata`` backport package is installed on Python <
    3.8. :issue:`1889`
-   Arguments with ``nargs=-1`` only use env var value if no command
    line values are given. :issue:`1903`
-   Flag options guess their type from ``flag_value`` if given, like
    regular options do from ``default``. :issue:`1886`
-   Added documentation that custom parameter types may be passed
    already valid values in addition to strings. :issue:`1898`
-   Resolving commands returns the name that was given, not
    ````, fixing an unintended change to help text and
    ``default_map`` lookups. When using patterns like ``AliasedGroup``,
    override ``resolve_command`` to change the name that is returned if
    needed. :issue:`1895`
-   If a default value is invalid, it does not prevent showing help
    text. :issue:`1889`
-   Pass ``windows_expand_args=False`` when calling the main command to
    disable pattern expansion on Windows. There is no way to escape
    patterns in CMD, so if the program needs to pass them on as-is then
    expansion must be disabled. :issue:`1901`

Version 8.0.0

Released 2021-05-11

-   Drop support for Python 2 and 3.5.
-   Colorama is always installed on Windows in order to provide style
    and color support. :pr:`1784`
-   Adds a repr to Command, showing the command name for friendlier
    debugging. :issue:`1267`, :pr:`1295`
-   Add support for distinguishing the source of a command line
    parameter. :issue:`1264`, :pr:`1329`
-   Add an optional parameter to ``ProgressBar.update`` to set the
    ``current_item``. :issue:`1226`, :pr:`1332`
-   ``version_option`` uses ``importlib.metadata`` (or the
    ``importlib_metadata`` backport) instead of ``pkg_resources``. The
    version is detected based on the package name, not the entry point
    name. The Python package name must match the installed package
    name, or be passed with ``package_name=``. :issue:`1582`
-   If validation fails for a prompt with ``hide_input=True``, the value
    is not shown in the error message. :issue:`1460`
-   An ``IntRange`` or ``FloatRange`` option shows the accepted range in
    its help text. :issue:`1525`, :pr:`1303`
-   ``IntRange`` and ``FloatRange`` bounds can be open (``<``) instead
    of closed (``<=``) by setting ``min_open`` and ``max_open``. Error
    messages have changed to reflect this. :issue:`1100`
-   An option defined with duplicate flag names (``"--foo/--foo"``)
    raises a ``ValueError``. :issue:`1465`
-   ``echo()`` will not fail when using pytest's ``capsys`` fixture on
    Windows. :issue:`1590`
-   Resolving commands returns the canonical command name instead of the
    matched name. This makes behavior such as help text and
    ``Context.invoked_subcommand`` consistent when using patterns like
    ``AliasedGroup``. :issue:`1422`
-   The ``BOOL`` type accepts the values "on" and "off". \ 
-   A ``Group`` with ``invoke_without_command=True`` will always invoke
    its result callback. :issue:`1178`
-   ``nargs == -1`` and ``nargs > 1`` is parsed and validated for
    values from environment variables and defaults. :issue:`729`
-   Detect the program name when executing a module or package with
    ``python -m name``. :issue:`1603`
-   Include required parent arguments in help synopsis of subcommands.
-   Help for boolean flags with ``show_default=True`` shows the flag
    name instead of ``True`` or ``False``. :issue:`1538`
-   Non-string objects passed to ``style()`` and ``secho()`` will be
    converted to string. :pr:`1146`
-   ``edit(require_save=True)`` will detect saves for editors that exit
    very fast on filesystems with 1 second resolution. :pr:`1050`
-   New class attributes make it easier to use custom core objects
    throughout an entire application. :pr:`938`

    -   ``Command.context_class`` controls the context created when
        running the command.
    -   ``Context.invoke`` creates new contexts of the same type, so a
        custom type will persist to invoked subcommands.
    -   ``Context.formatter_class`` controls the formatter used to
        generate help and usage.
    -   ``Group.command_class`` changes the default type for
        subcommands with ``@group.command()``.
    -   ``Group.group_class`` changes the default type for subgroups
        with ````. Setting it to ``type`` will create
        subgroups of the same type as the group itself.
    -   Core objects use ``super()`` consistently for better support of

-   Use ``Context.with_resource()`` to manage resources that would
    normally be used in a ``with`` statement, allowing them to be used
    across subcommands and callbacks, then cleaned up when the context
    ends. :pr:`1191`
-   The result object returned by the test runner's ``invoke()`` method
    has a ``return_value`` attribute with the value returned by the
    invoked command. :pr:`1312`
-   Required arguments with the ``Choice`` type show the choices in
    curly braces to indicate that one is required (``{a|b|c}``).
-   If only a name is passed to ``option()``, Click suggests renaming it
    to ``--name``. :pr:`1355`
-   A context's ``show_default`` parameter defaults to the value from
    the parent context. :issue:`1565`
-   ```` can output 256 and RGB color codes. Most modern
    terminals support these codes. :pr:`1429`
-   When using ``CliRunner.invoke()``, the replaced ``stdin`` file has
    ``name`` and ``mode`` attributes. This lets ``File`` options with
    the ``-`` value match non-testing behavior. :issue:`1064`
-   When creating a ``Group``, allow passing a list of commands instead
    of a dict. :issue:`1339`
-   When a long option name isn't valid, use ``difflib`` to make better
    suggestions for possible corrections. :issue:`1446`
-   Core objects have a ``to_info_dict()`` method. This gathers
    information about the object's structure that could be useful for a
    tool generating user-facing documentation. To get the structure of
    an entire CLI, use ``Context(cli).to_info_dict()``. :issue:`461`
-   Redesign the shell completion system. :issue:`1484`, :pr:`1622`

    -   Support Bash >= 4.4, Zsh, and Fish, with the ability for
        extensions to add support for other shells.
    -   Allow commands, groups, parameters, and types to override their
        completions suggestions.
    -   Groups complete the names commands were registered with, which
        can differ from the name they were created with.
    -   The ``autocompletion`` parameter for options and arguments is
        renamed to ``shell_complete``. The function must take
        ``ctx, param, incomplete``, must do matching rather than return
        all values, and must return a list of strings or a list of
        ``CompletionItem``. The old name and behavior is deprecated and
        will be removed in 8.1.
    -   The env var values used to start completion have changed order.
        The shell now comes first, such as ``{shell}_source`` rather
        than ``source_{shell}``, and is always required.

-   Completion correctly parses command line strings with incomplete
    quoting or escape sequences. :issue:`1708`
-   Extra context settings (``obj=...``, etc.) are passed on to the
    completion system. :issue:`942`
-   Include ``--help`` option in completion. :pr:`1504`
-   ``ParameterSource`` is an ``enum.Enum`` subclass. :issue:`1530`
-   Boolean and UUID types strip surrounding space before converting.
-   Adjusted error message from parameter type validation to be more
    consistent. Quotes are used to distinguish the invalid value.
-   The default value for a parameter with ``nargs`` > 1 and
    ``multiple=True`` must be a list of tuples. :issue:`1649`
-   When getting the value for a parameter, the default is tried in the
    same section as other sources to ensure consistent processing.
-   All parameter types accept a value that is already the correct type.
-   For shell completion, an argument is considered incomplete if its
    value did not come from the command line args. :issue:`1649`
-   Added ``ParameterSource.PROMPT`` to track parameter values that were
    prompted for. :issue:`1649`
-   Options with ``nargs`` > 1 no longer raise an error if a default is
    not given. Parameters with ``nargs`` > 1 default to ``None``, and
    parameters with ``multiple=True`` or ``nargs=-1`` default to an
    empty tuple. :issue:`472`
-   Handle empty env vars as though the option were not passed. This
    extends the change introduced in 7.1 to be consistent in more cases.
-   ``Parameter.get_default()`` checks ``Context.default_map`` to
    handle overrides consistently in help text, ``invoke()``, and
    prompts. :issue:`1548`
-   Add ``prompt_required`` param to ``Option``. When set to ``False``,
    the user will only be prompted for an input if no value was passed.
-   Providing the value to an option can be made optional through
    ``is_flag=False``, and the value can instead be prompted for or
    passed in as a default value.
    :issue:`549, 736, 764, 921, 1015, 1618`
-   Fix formatting when ``Command.options_metavar`` is empty. :pr:`1551`
-   Revert adding space between option help text that wraps.
-   The default value passed to ``prompt`` will be cast to the correct
    type like an input value would be. :pr:`1517`
-   Automatically generated short help messages will stop at the first
    ending of a phrase or double linebreak. :issue:`1082`
-   Skip progress bar render steps for efficiency with very fast
    iterators by setting ``update_min_steps``. :issue:`676`
-   Respect ``case_sensitive=False`` when doing shell completion for
    ``Choice`` :issue:`1692`
-   Use ``mkstemp()`` instead of ``mktemp()`` in pager implementation.
-   If ``Option.show_default`` is a string, it is displayed even if
    ``default`` is ``None``. :issue:`1732`
-   ``click.get_terminal_size()`` is deprecated and will be removed in
    8.1. Use :func:`shutil.get_terminal_size` instead. :issue:`1736`
-   Control the location of the temporary directory created by
    ``CLIRunner.isolated_filesystem`` by passing ``temp_dir``. A custom
    directory will not be removed automatically. :issue:`395`
-   ``click.confirm()`` will prompt until input is given if called with
    ``default=None``. :issue:`1381`
-   Option prompts validate the value with the option's callback in
    addition to its type. :issue:`457`
-   ``confirmation_prompt`` can be set to a custom string. :issue:`723`
-   Allow styled output in Jupyter on Windows. :issue:`1271`
-   ``style()`` supports the ``strikethrough``, ``italic``, and
    ``overline`` styles. :issue:`805, 1821`
-   Multiline marker is removed from short help text. :issue:`1597`
-   Restore progress bar behavior of echoing only the label if the file
    is not a TTY. :issue:`1138`
-   Progress bar output is shown even if execution time is less than 0.5
    seconds. :issue:`1648`
-   Progress bar ``item_show_func`` shows the current item, not the
    previous item. :issue:`1353`
-   The ``Path`` param type can be passed ``path_type=pathlib.Path`` to
    return a path object instead of a string. :issue:`405`
-   ``TypeError`` is raised when parameter with ``multiple=True`` or
    ``nargs > 1`` has non-iterable default. :issue:`1749`
-   Add a ``pass_meta_key`` decorator for passing a key from
    ``Context.meta``. This is useful for extensions using ``meta`` to
    store information. :issue:`1739`
-   ``Path`` ``resolve_path`` resolves symlinks on Windows Python < 3.8.
-   Command deprecation notice appears at the start of the help text, as
    well as in the short help. The notice is not in all caps.
-   When taking arguments from ``sys.argv`` on Windows, glob patterns,
    user dir, and env vars are expanded. :issue:`1096`
-   Marked messages shown by the CLI with ``gettext()`` to allow
    applications to translate Click's built-in strings. :issue:`303`
-   Writing invalid characters  to ``stderr`` when using the test runner
    does not raise a ``UnicodeEncodeError``. :issue:`848`
-   Fix an issue where ``readline`` would clear the entire ``prompt()``
    line instead of only the input when pressing backspace. :issue:`665`
-   Add all kwargs passed to ``Context.invoke()`` to ``ctx.params``.
    Fixes an inconsistency when nesting ``Context.forward()`` calls.
-   The ``MultiCommand.resultcallback`` decorator is renamed to
    ``result_callback``. The old name is deprecated. :issue:`1160`
-   Fix issues with ``CliRunner`` output when using ``echo_stdin=True``.
-   Fix a bug of ``click.utils.make_default_short_help`` for which the
    returned string could be as long as ``max_width + 3``. :issue:`1849`
-   When defining a parameter, ``default`` is validated with
    ``multiple`` and ``nargs``. More validation is done for values being
    processed as well. :issue:`1806`
-   ``HelpFormatter.write_text`` uses the full line width when wrapping
    text. :issue:`1871`