Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/py-Send2Trash
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2022-02-05 12:52:00
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Log Message:
py-Send2Trash: updated to 1.8.0

Version 1.8.0 -- 2021/08/08
* Add compatibility with pathlib paths
* Fix thread compatibility of modern windows implementation
* Fix handling of UNC names in legacy windows implementation

Version 1.7.1 -- 2021/06/21
* Release stable version with changes from last 3 releases
* Fix handling of UNC names

Version 1.7.0a1 -- 2021/05/14
* Changed conditional for when to try to use pyobjc version

Version 1.7.0a0 -- 2021/04/20
* Add console_script entry point
* Increased python CI versions
* Fix minor issue in
* Fix issue with windows tests importing modules on non-windows
* Unit test cleanups, rewrites, and flake8 cleanups
* Windows: Fix legacy windows platform for multi-byte unicode and add tests
* macOS: Add alternative pyobjc version to potentially improve compatibility

Version 1.6.0b1 -- 2020/06/18
* Add main method which allows calling via ``python -m send2trash somefile``
* Windows: Add support for using IFileOperation when pywin32 is present on Vista \ 
and newer
* Add support for passing multiple files at once in a list
* Windows: Batch multi-file calls to improve performance
* Windows: Fix issue with SHFileOperation failing silently when path is not found