Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/dua-cli
From: pin
Date: 2022-03-20 17:24:01
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sysutils/dua-cli: update to 2.17.1

Improvements to aggregate progress reporting

Previously, aggregate mode progress reports were handled by an
infinitely-looping thread carrying a 64-bit atomic of the current count,
which it would print periodically.

This resulted in #99 - breaking on platforms without 64-bit atomics,
for which a feature was added to disable it.

It also implied a race condition, where the "Enumerating ..." message
could be printed after results had been gathered but before dua exited.

Additionally, part of the status message could be left on the display if
the first line of a report was too short to cover it.

This commit should resolve these:

    The 64-bit atomic counter is replaced with an 8-bit AtomicBool
    All printing is controlled from the main thread
    The first line is cleared prior to printing a report

The only notable drawback I see with this approach is that progress
reporting can sometimes be delayed, since the display is only evaluated
for update during periods the aggregation loop makes progress. The
practical difference appears relatively minor.

Since this should resolve #99, the aggregate-scan-progress feature is

Special thanks to @Freaky for the contribution!
BREAKING change for package maintainers

The aggregate-scan-progress feature was removed as it shouldn't be required