Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-click
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2022-03-31 09:25:58
Message id:

Log Message:
py-click: updated to 8.1.1

Version 8.1.1
-   Fix an issue with decorator typing that caused type checking to
    report that a command was not callable. :issue:`2227`

Version 8.1.0
-   Drop support for Python 3.6. :pr:`2129`
-   Remove previously deprecated code. :pr:`2130`

    -   ``Group.resultcallback`` is renamed to ``result_callback``.
    -   ``autocompletion`` parameter to ``Command`` is renamed to
    -   ``get_terminal_size`` is removed, use
        ``shutil.get_terminal_size`` instead.
    -   ``get_os_args`` is removed, use ``sys.argv[1:]`` instead.

-   Rely on :pep:`538` and :pep:`540` to handle selecting UTF-8 encoding
    instead of ASCII. Click's locale encoding detection is removed.
-   Single options boolean flags with ``show_default=True`` only show
    the default if it is ``True``. :issue:`1971`
-   The ``command`` and ``group`` decorators can be applied with or
    without parentheses. :issue:`1359`
-   The ``Path`` type can check whether the target is executable.
-   ``Command.show_default`` overrides ``Context.show_default``, instead
    of the other way around. :issue:`1963`
-   Parameter decorators and ``@group`` handles ``cls=None`` the same as
    not passing ``cls``. ``@option`` handles ``help=None`` the same as
    not passing ``help``.
-   A flag option with ``required=True`` requires that the flag is
    passed instead of choosing the implicit default value. :issue:`1978`
-   Indentation in help text passed to ``Option`` and ``Command`` is
    cleaned the same as using the ``@option`` and ``@command``
    decorators does. A command's ``epilog`` and ``short_help`` are also
    processed. :issue:`1985`
-   Store unprocessed ````, ``epilog`` and ``short_help``
    strings. Processing is only done when formatting help text for
    output. :issue:`2149`
-   Allow empty str input for ``prompt()`` when
    ``confirmation_prompt=True`` and ``default=""``. :issue:`2157`
-   Windows glob pattern expansion doesn't fail if a value is an invalid
    pattern. :issue:`2195`
-   It's possible to pass a list of ``params`` to ``@command``. Any
    params defined with decorators are appended to the passed params.
-   ``@command`` decorator is annotated as returning the correct type if
    a ``cls`` argument is used. :issue:`2211`
-   A ``Group`` with ``invoke_without_command=True`` and ``chain=False``
    will invoke its result callback with the group function's return
    value. :issue:`2124`
-   ``to_info_dict`` will not fail if a ``ParamType`` doesn't define a
    ``name``. :issue:`2168`
-   Shell completion prioritizes option values with option prefixes over
    new options. :issue:`2040`
-   Options that get an environment variable value using
    ``autoenvvar_prefix`` treat an empty value as ``None``, consistent
    with a direct ``envvar``. :issue:`2146`