Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2022-04-25 12:38:11
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Log Message:
tex-circuitikz{,-doc}: update to 1.5.0

In this version, several internal changes have been included in order to
streamline and organize better the components and to change the
management of color. The changes are pretty deep and subtle, so a bug or
unexpected behaviour is always possible. You can use the 1.4.6 rollback
point in case of trouble, but be sure to report any bug.

- Added connectors shapes, and included the BNC into that class
- Added nullator and norator shapes
- Added buzzer and reversed buzzer bipoles
- Added "dot" anchors to inductances
- Added "boxed only" option for some circular blocks
- Added DIN antenna shape
- Fixed block/input arrow connection
- Fixed a problem with generic tunable arrows

Internal changes:

- Added a generic drawing function for shapes, which are now drawn
  always in background
- Added a hook system to be able to change component drawing settings
  per-shape, per-class or globally
- All the 250+ shapes are now "protected" by possible external arrow and
  arced corners parameters
- Completely changed the management of the shapes' color