Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/din
From: Santhosh Raju
Date: 2022-05-07 09:26:41
Message id:

Log Message:
audio/din: Update to 54

Changes since 53.1:

DIN Is Noise 54:

  NEW in DIN54:

    Drones Per Launch and Launches Per Minute for drone launchers
      Until DIN53.1 you could launch only 1 drone per launch.
      In DIN54, you can launch a bunch of drones every launch with
      launches per minute.

      Change drones per launch / launches per minute of an existing
      launcher from Menu > Drone Params > Motion > Drones Per Launch or
      Menu > Drone Params > Motion > Launches Per Minute

      for new launcher set in defaults:

      Menu > Drone Params > Defaults > Drones Per Launch
        default = 1
      Menu > Drone Params > Defaults > Launches Per Minute
        default = 60


        When there are many drones launched every launch, they will all launch
        along the direction (of velocity) of the launcher.  Their trajectory will
        therefore overlap, turn on Menu > Drone Params > Defaults > \ 
Velocity | Randomize
        to randomize their launch directions

    drone velocity modulation:
      affects all launched drones
      specify how amount of velocity (actually the speed!) changes from birth to \ 
death of a drone
        default is constant ie no change from velocity (ie the speed) at birth
          this is the behaviour in DIN53.1

      edit the change curve from Menu > Editors > Drone velocity modulation
    in Gravity widget:
          if turned ON, gravity size continuously expands or contracts to Mouse or
          (1st selected) Drone position !warning! Big gravity sizes can move drones
          fast to max volume and get loud!

      To Screen + : puts base of gravity vector to the center of the screen
      To drones + : puts base of gravity vector to the center (magenta arrow) of \ 
selected drones.
        To drone  : puts base of gravity vector to the (first) selected drone.

  /* save/load color sliders /*

  + draw gravity vector when UI is off
  * draw drone trails even if drones are off visible note / pitch ranges
  ! fixed: drones bounced only once irrespective of Menu > Drone Params > \ 
Defaults > Bounces parameter !
    ! bug introduced in DIN53 :( !
  ! fixed: potential (null pointer) crash when turning UI on/off from microtonal \ 
keyboard !
  ! fixed: sudden increase in loudness (sorry!) when frozen drones are deleted \ 
but then
           thawed, frozen and deleted again and again !
  ! fixed: restore oscilloscope display state when UI is turned off and on !
  ! fixed: timing (introduced in DIN53.1 due to change of of auto \ 
split / delete boxes in mondrian !
  ! fixed: deleted drones not de-selected !