Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/nano
From: Sebastian Wiedenroth
Date: 2022-05-07 09:45:15
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Log Message:
nano: update to 6.3

2022.04.28 - GNU nano 6.3 "Wat zullen we drinken? Wat een dorst!"
• For multiline regexes, text is now colored as soon a start match
  is found, also when there is no end match at all.
• The colorizing of any line is stopped after two thousand bytes,
  to avoid frustrating delays.
• When environment variable NO_COLOR is set, the two default colors
  (yellow for the spotlight, red for error messages) are suppressed
  when no interface colors are specified in a nanorc file.
• Full justification and piping the whole buffer through a command
  now keep the cursor at the same line number.
• Utility 'xsel' can be used to copy a marked region to the system's
  clipboard.  See doc/sample.nanorc for an example.

2022.02.18 - GNU nano 6.2 "Kamperfoelie"
• The file browser clears the prompt bar also when using --minibar.
• Linting now works also with a newer 'pyflakes'.

2022.02.09 - GNU nano 6.1 "Rețelele de socializare sunt ca un frigider"
• The behavior of ^K at a prompt has been enhanced: when there is some
  text after the cursor, just this text is erased.  In the most common
  situation, when the cursor is at the end of the answer, the behavior
  is as before: the whole answer is erased.
• At a prompt, M-6 copies the current answer into the cutbuffer.
• Large external pastes into nano are handled more quickly.