Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/py-asyncssh
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2022-05-20 14:09:48
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Log Message:
py-asyncssh: updated to 2.10.1

Release 2.10.1 (16 Apr 2022)

* Added support for "Match Exec" in config files and updated AsyncSSH
  API calls to do config parsing in an executor to avoid blocking the
  event loop if a "Match Exec" command doesn't return immediately.

* Fixed an issue where settings associated with server channels set
  when creating a listener rather than at the time a new channel is
  opened were not always being applied correctly.

* Fixed config file handling to be more consistent with OpenSSH, making
  all relative paths be evaluated relative to ~/.ssh and allowing
  references to config file patterns which don't match anything to only
  trigger a debug message rather than an error. Thanks go to Caleb Ho
  for reporting this issue!

* Update minimum required version of cryprography package to 3.1, to
  allow calls to it to be made without passing in a "backend" argument.
  This was missed back in the 2.9 release. Thanks go to Github users
  sebby97 and JavaScriptDude for reporting this issue!

Release 2.10.0 (26 Mar 2022)

* Added new get_server_auth_methods() function which returns the set
  of auth methods available for a given user and SSH server.

* Added support for new line_echo argument when creating a server
  channel which controls whether input in the line editor is echoed
  to the output immediately or under the control of the application,
  allowing more control over the ordering of input and output.

* Added explicit support for RSA SHA-2 certificate algorithms.
  Previously, SHA-2 signatures were supported using the original algorithm name, but recent versions
  of SSH now disable this algorithm by default, so the new SHA-2
  algorithm names need to be advertised for SHA-2 signatures to
  work when using OpenSSH certificates.

* Improved handling of config file loading when options argument is
  used, allowing config loading to be overridden at connect() time
  even if the options passed in referenced a config file.

* Improved speed of unit tests by avoiding some network timeouts
  when connecting to invalid addresses.

* Merged GitHub workflows contributed by GitHub user hexchain to
  run unit tests and collect code coverage information on multiple
  platforms and Python versions. Thanks so much for this work!

* Fixed issue with GSS auth unit tests hanging on Windows.

* Fixed issue with known_hosts matching when ProxyJump is being used.
  Thanks go to GitHub user velavokr for reporting this and helping
  to debug it.

* Fixed type annotations for SFTP client and server open methods.
  Thanks go to Marat Sharafutdinov for reporting this!