Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2022-05-21 11:36:03
Message id:

Log Message:
mariadb106: update to 10.6.8

                          MariaDB 10.6.8 Release Notes

Notable Items


     * innodb_disallow_writes removed (MDEV-25975)
     * InnoDB gap locking fixes (MDEV-20605, MDEV-28422)
     * InnoDB performance improvements (MDEV-27557, MDEV-28185, MDEV-27767,
       MDEV-28313, MDEV-28137, MDEV-28465, MDEV-26789)
     * Backup regression fixes (MDEV-27919)
     * InnoDB portability: FreeBSD futexes (MDEV-26476), POWER and s390x
       transactional memory (MDEV-27956)
     * ALTER TABLE: Fixed bogus duplicate key errors (MDEV-15250)
     * DDL and crash recovery fixes (MDEV-27274, MDEV-27234, MDEV-27817)
     * Requests to recalculate persistent statistics were sometimes lost


     * Semisync-slave server recovery is refined to correctly rollback
       prepared transaction (MDEV-28461)
     * Circular semisync setup endless event circulation is handled
     * Semisync-slave server recovery is extended to work on new server_id
       server (MDEV-27342)
     * Server initialization time gtid_slave_pos purge related reason of
       crashing in binlog background thread is removed (MDEV-26473)
     * Shutdown of the semisync master can't produce inconsistent state
       anymore (MDEV-11853)
     * Binlogs disappear after rsync IST (MDEV-28583)
     * autocommit=0 slave hang is eliminated (DBAAS-7828)
     * master crash is eliminated in compressed semisync replication protocol
       with packet counting amendment (MDEV-25580)
     * OPTIMIZE on a sequence does not cause counterfactual
       ER_BINLOG_UNSAFE_STATEMENT anymore (MDEV-24617)
     * Automatically generated Gtid_log_list_event is made to recognize
       within replication event group as a formal member (MDEV-28550)
     * Replication unsafe INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE using two or more
       unique key values at a time with MIXED format binlogging is corrected
     * Replication unsafe INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE stops issuing
       unnessary "Unsafe statement" with MIXED binlog format (MDEV-21810)
     * Incomplete replication event groups are detected to error out by the
       slave IO thread (MDEV-27697)
     * mysqlbinlog --stop-never --raw now flushes the result file to disk
       after each processed event so the file can be listed with the actual
       bytes (MDEV-14608)


     * Incorrect binlogs after Galera SST using rsync and mariabackup
     * mariabackup does not detect multi-source replication slave
     * Useless warning "InnoDB: Allocated tablespace ID <id> for \ 
       old maximum was 0" during backup stage (MDEV-27343)
     * mariabackup prepare fails for incrementals if a new schema is created
       after full backup is taken (MDEV-28446)


     * Query performance degradation in newer MariaDB versions when using
       many tables (MDEV-28073)
     * A SEGV in Item_field::used_tables/update_depend_map_for_order...
     * ANALYZE FORMAT=JSON fields are incorrect for UNION ALL queries
     * Subquery in an UPDATE query uses full scan instead of range
     * Assertion `item1->type() == Item::FIELD_ITEM ... (MDEV-19398)
     * Server crashes in Expression_cache_tracker::fetch_current_stats
     * MariaDB server crash at Item_subselect::init_expr_cache_tracker
       (MDEV-26164, MDEV-26047)
     * Crash with union of my_decimal type in ORDER BY clause (MDEV-25994)
     * SIGSEGV in st_join_table::cleanup (MDEV-24560)
     * Assertion `!eliminated' failed in Item_subselect::exec (MDEV-28437)


     * Server error messages are now available in Chinese (MDEV-28227)
     * For RHEL/CentOS 7, non x86_64 architectures are no longer supported
       upstream and so our support will also be dropped with this release
     * Packages for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS "Jammy" and Fedora 36 are not yet
       available pending the resolution of MDEV-28133: Backport OpenSSL-3.0
       compatibility to 10.6 branch


     * Fixes for the following security vulnerabilities:
          * CVE-2022-27376
          * CVE-2022-27377
          * CVE-2022-27378
          * CVE-2022-27379
          * CVE-2022-27380
          * CVE-2022-27381
          * CVE-2022-27382
          * CVE-2022-27383
          * CVE-2022-27384
          * CVE-2022-27386
          * CVE-2022-27387
          * CVE-2022-27444
          * CVE-2022-27445
          * CVE-2022-27446
          * CVE-2022-27447
          * CVE-2022-27448
          * CVE-2022-27449
          * CVE-2022-27451
          * CVE-2022-27452
          * CVE-2022-27455
          * CVE-2022-27456
          * CVE-2022-27457
          * CVE-2022-27458